The Residence Maldives is located in the beautiful island of Falhumaafushi
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The Residence Maldives

Best Experience: Couples, Family, Activities, Diving


The Residence Maldives is an elite 5-star resort, which was designed and opened almost completely behind the scenes. Perfect for a honeymoon in the Maldives, it took a while to reveal all its merits. The company itself is gaining more and more popularity due to its very well thought-out luxury hotels in Tunisia, Mauritius and Zanzibar.

There are several different styles of resorts that you will spot in the Maldives - some of them are quaint manicured oases, some smooth, modern splendor, and others, like The Residence Maldives, embrace the natural Maldivian environment with their unique, respectful attitude to luxury. This allows guests to feel truly immersed in the beauty of the island and all that it has to offer.

Experience world-class service at The Residence Maldives

The Island

Your journey to The Residence Maldives will be via an air and sea transfer. Upon arrival at Velana International Airport, you'll be welcomed by a personal resort host who will escort you to the domestic airport. The adventure begins as soon as you leave the plane, which will take you to the domestic Kooddoo Airport (GKK), located in Gaafu Alifu atoll, one of the largest natural atolls in the world. Anyone who has not experienced a trip on one of these small aircraft will be delighted, since the flight itself is quite picturesque. Flying low enough to see the islands dotted all over the turquoise water, visitors get a true idea of ​​what Maldives are - a tropical paradise with small emeralds of islands surrounded by sparkling white sand rings, and then a darker halo of coral - everything creates the impression of a distant galaxy in bright colors, stretched below. Each island is completely separated from other dwellings or community forms, so calling it a paradise can not be closer to the truth.

Experience world-class service at The Residence Maldives

You make a soft landing at Kooddoo Airport, and then a short trip by a speedboat to The Residence Maldives. This is one of the five luxury resorts of the Cenizaro Hotel & Resorts group, dotted around the world, all of which are famous for creating properties that reflect the beauty of the environment. One thing that immediately strikes us at The Residence Maldives is how it's set up for nature. Even the reception is a wooden structure on the open side practically on the beach, and when you are waiting for the settlement, you can see how the wriggling body of the young reef sharks curiously approaches the shoreline before heading to the deeper waters. Although every corner of this beautiful island is easily accessible by foot or by bicycle, there is a buggy service available to transport you around the resort. DOWNLOAD RESORT MAP

It is this dedication to preserving the island's wild beauty that makes The Residence a real godsend. Even when you are driving a golf buggy along winding paths between creeping lianas and flexible palms that once owned an island, you feel a sense of contact with nature around. This harmony is further enhanced by the fact that every guest has his own bicycle to explore the island - this return to a child's evaluation of simpler things in life makes miracles for the soul.


The Residence Maldives is located in southern Maldives in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll, also known as the Northern Huvadhoo Atoll, one of the largest and deepest atolls in the world. This beautiful island resort lies in the middle of the Indian Ocean next to the Equator, fringed by pristine white-sand beaches and surrounded by brilliant blue waters that boast unspoilt coral reefs and spectacular marine life.

Nestled on the idyllic island of Falhumaafushi in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll, The Residence Maldives' setting is the closest thing to paradise. Guests, no doubt, will feel at the edge of the world, away from worldly bustle and stress. Surrounded by the azure waters of a shallow lagoon, and with lush tropical greenery, this private enclave can be easily reached via air or sea transfer from Male International Airport. Domestic Flight transfer takes 55 minutes from Male International Airport to Local Airport “Kooddoo”. Speedboat transfers take 7 minutes from Local Airport “Kooddoo” to Resort. A direct transfer from Velana International Airport to The Residence Maldives is also available via a 90-minute journey by sea plane.

Situated 20 kilometers to the north of the equator, the island of Falhumaafushi is narrow and stretches from north to south along the edge of the atoll, and, as usual, with such geography you can expect beautiful white beaches stretching from both ends of the island. The beach on the west side, looking at the atoll, is always better than facing the open ocean. In our opinion, the Huvadhoo atoll (which is formed by Gaafu Alifu and Gaafu Dhaalu) is the most beautiful and interesting atoll in the country.


The resort’s 94 villas with 5 room categories draw their design inspiration from the island’s lavish beauty, expressed in thatched roofs, natural materials and lush fabrics. Classic yet modern in style, with high ceilings and French windows, each is an airy, light-filled cocoon, balancing a sense of intimacy with stunning 360-degree views. Bespoke furnishings, accented with local artefacts and wall art, sit comfortably alongside the modern creature comforts that are a standard in all villas. A heavenly way to stay in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Beach villas (all on the east side) look very privately, but not before each you will find a wide stretch of sand. Water Villas are located on 2 jetties - each on both sides of the island. Most rooms in the southern part of the island look at the sunset and have access to a house reef. Some of them face south and boast the sun on the deck throughout the day.

Accommodation and various structures were also cleverly integrated into the island's aesthetics, and most of them are surrounded by periphery, so the blue sea is visible from every corner. From beach villas to the huge two-bedroom beachfront villas with a pool that can be used by whole families for an unforgettable vacation, whereas there is a real sense of genuine charm and respect for the environment. This is also true for interior design - traditional elements such as natural wood, palm and leaf prints, fabrics, floor tiles of warm tones and walls, all provide a clean fresh vibe. And even one side of the villas is made of sliding glass doors, which allows guests to make the most of natural scenery, and after a dream you can not help dreaming about a much better panorama than this.

beach pool villa

But it is these famous water villas with private pools that really captivate the spirit and embody the Maldivian "luxury on the spot." What could be more perfect than being surrounded by piercing turquoise, a species that one would imagine, remaining in a vast water villa sitting on stilts in the middle of the Indian Ocean? Wake up to the spellbinding tranquility of the ocean in a Water Villa with gentle waves lapping at your doorstep. Watch the vivid coral reefs and lively schools of fish that abound in the waters right beneath your feet in the glistening waters below. If you travel so far, then most likely you want this ideal perspective to be unsurpassed turquoise, aqua and cobalt, and you can find it right here at The Residence. When you go to your private deck with a swimming pool and, of course, with a staircase descending directly to your own coral garden, rich in marine life, you admire the feeling of space and privacy - all the elements that you could wish for in order to achieve the ultimate relaxation. For safety reasons, children below 13 years old are not permitted in the Water Villa.


Over the ocean, on the beachfront, by the pool…satisfy your tasty buds for truly unforgettable dining experiences while savouring the beauty and ambience of your surroundings. The Residence Maldives offers an unforgettable dining experience in the restaurants both in terms of tempting menus and stunning panoramas of the Indian Ocean. From casual to fine dining, from light bites to sumptuous gastronomic delights, the resort's restaurants serve up a tantalising array of international flavours to excite your palate, made all the more enjoyable by the caress of gentle breezes and soothing sea views like no other.

Offering both indoor and outdoor seating with spectacular views, The Dining Room is the resort's main bufet restaurant opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Inspired by Eastern and Western flavours, international delights and family favourites are skilfully prepared by the chefs. Full children’s menu is available. Breakfast in the Dining Room - beach shack, and this is a great buffet from all that you can start a good day. If you like an omelet made according to your requirements, decadent chocolate crepe or just coconut juice, or fresh coffee with baking or two, everything is ready for feasting and enjoyment, looking at the soft circle of the early tide. In the evening, you can choose a buffet or a special menu, including a pot of seafood - lots of ocean treasures, such as lobsters, crabs, mussels and huge juicy shrimps. All of them are served from the side and with your choice of sauce. The variety of dishes offered is really excellent - even a week spent here will not be boring.

The Dining Room

An overwater signature restaurant, The Falhumaa is spectacularly located at the end of a 230m long jetty above the reef. The menu features western cuisine with the emphasis on fresh seafood and grilled meats complemented by fine wines from around the world. Expect a romantic meal under the stars like no other. The bar is a relaxed and intimate setting for aperitifs and after-dinner liqueurs.

Overlooking the beach and partially submerged in the swimming pool, The Beach Bar is the focal point of the resort. It offers light meals and island-style drinks during the day, tapas and signature infused spirits served when the sun goes down.

A variety of 24-hour private dining options are also available with the emphasis on romance. Couples can dine alone together beneath the stars either on a beach or the private terrace of their luxury villa. A private castaway island also awaits for a real Robinson Crusoe experience. The options are limited only by your imagination.

private dining on the beach


Regardless of whether you want to explore the Reef Falhumaa on a kayak with a transparent bottom or go snorkeling, there is always a lot of activity offers if activity is your forte. One place that can not be missed is Marine Life Activity Centre and the Euro-Divers Dive Centre. The beautiful lagoons are ideal for different water sports activities. Some unexplored and even uninhabited islands nearby are just waiting to be discovered. There are several excursions such as “Starry Night Cruises”, fishing trips, excursions by jet ski, Traditional Maldivian Dohni Excursion and “Local Island Experience” you can join. As for water sports; jet ski, windsurfing, wakeboard, water skiing, stand up paddle and catamaran are part of the program.

Snorkeling looks pretty good on the quieter side, inside the atoll (west), but too rough to go over the edge of the reef to another, oceanic side. The main bonus for some will be the famous surf spot in the neighborhood.

Divine relaxation can be found in Spa by Clarins - this is the first and only spa in the Maldives from this exclusive brand. Anyone who knows this name knows his fame for being a pioneer in using the purity of plants, and the fact that the treatment rooms are also located over the water expands the sense of closeness to nature. In fact, the abundant use of glass almost makes you feel that you are swimming in the space between the sea and the sky, and this feeling is intensified after you have undergone a procedure - their branded massage gives you incomparable bliss, so after you have enjoyed it aromatic tea on the outer deck, you will feel almost weightless. Here, also, morning yoga classes take place, while the golden ball of the sun rises above the horizon - an unforgettable impression.

And for an unforgettable moment, do not miss a dolphins sunset cruise. You can only marvel at the surprise and unbridled ecstasy when you approach the pack and are suddenly surrounded by literally hundreds of dolphins dancing solely for the sake of joy. Moreover, during this wildlife theater in the background, the sunset plays with fiery colors, pouring in gold, perfectly complementing the unforgettable moment.

overwater spa


Kids Club is a great place for the youngest guests to play and make new friends, entertained with daily games, crafts and activities. (For children 3 to 12 years of age.) Kids Club opens every day from 9am to 7pm, with meal options available. In 2018 The Residence has launched an all-new ‘Little Explorer' package, showcasing fun and inspirational family and child friendly experiences.

For water babies, the resort is on hand with snorkelling equipment to explore the nearby reef where families can spot eagle rays, green turtles and parrotfish. The calm sea makes the Maldives one of the greatest adventure playgrounds — sail a catamaran, speed through the water on a kayak or attempt to balance while windsurfing.

After a busy day of swimming and exploring, little ones can escape to The Spa by Clarins to experience the resort's new kid's spa menu.

Starting from USD 148++per child, the Maldives Little Explorer Package includes a diving lesson with the PADI Five-Star School, complimentary use of non-motorised water sports and snorkelling equipment, and one children's spa treatment.


Euro-Divers at The Residence Maldives offers PADI courses of all levels. Join for some great dives or expand your diving horizon by completing a course under the attentive care of our experienced diving instructors. Most dives sites are from 5 minutes to less than one hour from the resort. The boat journey by dhoni makes diving trips even more enjoyable.

Certified divers will find over 30 dive sites near by. The sites will accommodate divers of all levels. Grey reef and leopard sharks are often encountered here. Napoleons, eagle rays and turtles are permanent residents. The house reef is a spectacular dive site and ideal as well for snorkeling. Bottle nose dolphins are known to patrol the reef!


The service and attention to detail get very high marks so it shows that the chains' experience with opening their other luxury hotels in and around Africa has shown them how to do it right. This resort isn't cheap, but it seems like it's going to be one of the finest in the Maldives for those who can afford it. One word that keeps coming up in reviews is the world privacy. It seems that this resort does a great job providing a private stay for each guest, which to many is a big deal.

...“Heavenly beautiful ”, “Best holiday destination”, “Best experience ever!!! You wanna enjoy maldives? Go to the Residence.”, “We stayed 1 night because of the price of the bungalow BUT IT WORTHED EVERY PENNY...”, “A honeymoon to remember”,
“The perfect blend of luxury and comfort”,
“Wonderful trip”, Superb...

Guests Love

  • The island is clean and nice, a lot of privacy
  • The staff is extremely friendly and cooperative
  • A butler service
  • The rooms are beautiful and clean. The view from all rooms is fantastic
  • A stunning 42m infinity swimming pool
  • The food offering is amazing. Fresh, delicious, varied, especially dinners
  • A great activities. Watersports centre
  • The Spa
  • PADI 5-star dive centre
house reef snorkeling

What You Need to Know

  • The Residence Maldives is located in the southern Maldives archipelago in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll, also known as the Northern Huvadhoo Atoll. Domestic Flight transfer takes 55 minutes from Male Airport to Local Airport “Kooddoo”. Speedboat transfers take 7 minutes from Local Airport “Kooddoo” to Resort.
  • Check-in From 14:00 -18:00; Check-out from 12:00 to 14:00
  • All children are welcome. Babysitting services available
  • Falhuma restaurant (Ala Carte Fine Dining) opens for dinner only
  • Dining All Inclusive plan is available.
  • The Residence by Cenizaro has announced the launch of its second Maldivian property, The Residence Maldives at Dhigurah. The resort will be adjacent to The Residence Maldives in Falhumaafushi island. The brand new resort is expected to open in February 2019, enabling guests to travel between the two resorts through a custom-built bridge – and forming one of the largest resort offerings in the Maldives.
bath room

Check Availability and Prices in The Residence Maldives


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