W Maldives

W Maldives

Best Experience: Design, Fashion and Music - Getaway in Style


In luxurious hotels mysteriously named "W", the Starwood group emphasizes a confident, young brand - oriented to design, fashion and music. Conscious service and attention to the smallest details determine the overall experience of W Maldives. In W, the augmentation of the brand is impressively consistent. Inspired by Futura, the widespread presence of the letter W extends from the famous sculpture that adorns the cheer of the resort's pier, to a stamp pressed into a fresh roll of toilet paper and sandblasted form on window panels. But attention to the details of this 5 * resort hotel goes far beyond the "W".

Your vacation already starts at Male airport. When you’re with W they really put an effort to take care of you. The W lounge is a swanky, tech-friendly place, outfitted with a Ferguson Hill sound system, Bose surround sound speakers and iPads that conveniently display hotel information. A range of drinks and snacks are on offer: Rauch juices, fresh fruit, candies. Checking in is swift and easy and it takes place here as you're enjoying the complimentary wifi, munching a marshmallow and nursing a strawberry fraise.

As for transfer: It takes about 20 minutes to get there. If you’re not accustomed to flying above the Maldivian archipelago, expect to be floored by the spectacle unfolding below.

3 reasons to choose W Maldives

Feeling of Bliss

Located in the North Ari atoll, Fesdhoo is a small private island with 78 rooms, 50 of which are over water. The reception’s called ‘the living room’, the rooms are ‘escapes’; W is all about being creative and standing out although some other properties have taken a similar approach to nomenclature over the years.

All that you expect from the best Maldives luxury resort is here: an infinity pool, magnificent villas, excellent restaurants, a fully equipped water sports center, a beautifully decorated spa (that also has a beauty salon), a fitness center ... the list goes on. All this time you’re within earshot of music; something that W is big on, it frequently collaborates with international artists, curates its music (mostly light, effervescent house music) and has in-house DJs performing every day, even at breakfast. Music is everywhere, the island is dotted with speaker systems that infuse the property with feel-good beats.

But W also has things that not many other places can boast of: a luxurious two-deck yacht, one of the best house reef in the Maldives (believe us, we've already checked a lot), an underground nightclub - or even a small private island that can be yours not only for one night.

Little pets, booths scattered throughout the island - "Sweet points" - packed with ice cream, drinks and suntan lotion, free to grab every time you want (which corresponds to the promise of "anything / anytime", indulge the wishes and whims of the guests anytime).

Enjoy the inviting blue waters, beautiful reefs and white sands of the Maldives while staying at the W Maldives. Offering a tranquil escape, the hotel features a diving centre, fitness centre and outdoor infinity pool. .

The Art Villas

78 villas with thatched roof and private pool, including 50 - on stilts and 28 with ocean view, share this miracle. Interiors dominated by white color breathe exquisite luxury even in the smallest detail. DOWNLOAD RESORT MAP

The 28 Wonderful Beach Oasis villas, a round shape have two levels. A beautiful deck with a swimming pool and a veiled gazebo for relaxation, have direct access right to the beach. The Guest rooms are large with plum coloured walls, beige flooring, flashes of red on the bed and bedside sofa. The glow in the dark ropes that dangle by either side of the bed are idiosyncrasies in line with W’s quirky persona. A Bose audio deck with a surround sound system is part of the deal; the system even plays CDs, which is kind of quaint. And it delivers whether you’re playing acid house or classical. You can listen to your music even out on the deck by the private pool, or in the cute old-school living area up on the roof. The bathroom is partially open, with an eye-catching spot of lush greenery, equipped with a luxurious bathroom that any house will envy. Up one floor and you will get a cool surprise: a large natural solarium with a designer sofa where you can lie around without measure and enjoy a panoramic view of Indian ocean ... the common symptoms of ataraksia are guaranteed to you!

It should be noted that overwater villas (Ocean Oasis) in W Maldives are simply magnificent. Located on a surprisingly blue shoal, their decks are poured by their own pool, with a beautiful sofa and gazebo, and inside, the glass sections in the floor will allow guests to observe the sea life even in the dark.

And although all the villas offer a lot of space, comfortable beds and gadgets with the entertainment system, Beach Oasis Villa have the additional positive sign - a living room on the first floor.

Food and Drinks

Guests have a choice of three restaurants, different flavors and atmospheres. Guest aren’t restricted to menus, however. The chefs are only too happy to accommodate special requests, creating special menus for individual clients. It’s about surprising them, to deliver an intimate service and create a new experience for them. That’s the W way

The Fish is W’s signature restaurant. You can dine by the sea and go over the menu in the light of a funky FollowMe lamp. First is an assortment of nigiri; duck, eel, prawns, tuna. Then come the oysters, served on ice with lemons. The main course is a made-to-share ‘table top grill’ of grilled fish, lobster thermidor, grilled prawns and Singapore-style calamari. While everything is impressive in its own right, the calamari especially, nothing rivals the lobster: its flesh mingles beautifully with brie, creating a luscious substance. The great idea to finish off the meal with a peculiar desert dubbed the 24-hour lemon: a lemon is cooked for 24 hours and its pulp removed and replaced with a tangy sorbet. It’s the perfect dessert to follow an evening of seafood; light, crisp and citrusy with a smidge of bitterness.

For couples, in the evening we recommend to check Fire, with a hearty kitchen, grill outdoors, feet in the sand, with torchlight. The romantic atmosphere is guaranteed! Three bars are a good addition before falling into a soft bed, including the Wet Bar, where you can enjoy ice cream right by the pool on very comfortable sofas.

The meat comes from Australia, particularly Tasmania. When it comes to produce, W ‘goes seasonal’, sometimes getting veggies from Thailand, sometimes from Sri Lanka. All the fish and lobsters are locally sourced. It’s not just to ensure freshness but also to support local fishermen and communities.

Good news for party lovers: W Retreat & Spa boasts a real nightclub, the best in the country. 15Below moreover sees DJs from around the world, every 3 months. Fashionable music and stylish design create the fancy night out in Maldives that of a steep European nightclub.

This self-proclaimed "luxury playground" gives birth to a delightful Maldives dream: fun, games and sports offered in a package with the beauty of nature, and reinforced with high-quality service and cutting-edge design. Experience is perfected.

W will pamper you and indulge your feelings, by the way, that for a few precious days spent here, you will feel as if there is nothing else in the world, only this tiny island with swaying palm trees, beautiful design and architecture ... and tasty ice cream.


Reflecting the W style, the Acceleration and Deceleration offerings at W Maldives are the absolute latest, discover our guests plenty of things to do in the Maldives.

Accelerate at FIT, a state of the art fitness centre where energizing is easy. Then there’s the beach water sports and DOWN UNDER® dive centre. Alternatively, decelerate. Research escapism and discover true pampering at the AWAY® Spa.

Facing the east, it’s an overwater facility close to the beach escape. The AWAY Spa, as it’s called, exudes a kind of simple elegance with its airy reception and sail-like canopies, the sort that’s now in vogue but wasn’t when W started ten years ago. The treatment rooms are equipped with a sauna and after a few minutes spent unclogging my pores you're ready for massage. Time becomes a mysterious quantity when your body’s being worked over by an expert; your focus is directed elsewhere, to those bodily bits that the masseuse is concentrating on. There is music, wind and strings, and it becomes part of the experience without being intrusive. And it ends all too quickly with the deep ring of a gong.


  • DOWN UNDER® Diving Centre
  • WAVE® Water Sports
  • HOUSE REEF snorkeling
  • NERGY®
  • Decelerate
  • AWAY® Spa
  • WET® pool Outdoor Infinity Pool
  • Celebrate
  • Private Dining
  • Cooking Classes


Suitable not only for couples, W Maldives is ideal for those who appreciate the spirit and atmosphere of youth, good design and fashionable music. It's sexy, very tempting and extremely luxurious: the choice will be completely justified.


Pros: What We Like

  • Super stylish design and strong brand, piercing - and largely determining - the overall impression of the hotel. Every detail here is carefully thought out and planned, including fashionable names and bizarre ideas (such as "Find Yourself a Couple" on branded matchboxes);
  • A chic bar above the water, overlooking the sunset - a great example of fun and entertainment, but not an overwhelming approach from the W side;
  • Music is everywhere - and the local DJ plays the best mixture of commercial party pop, R'n'B and EDM hits. Like all other elements of W, this is another carefully planned element of staying at the resort (the mood of the melody corresponds to the time of the day);
  • Fesdu is quite a small island, but it is difficult to get bored on it, especially if you like diving and snorkeling. House reef is simply fantastic, one of the best in the Maldives - surely you will get the best snorkel from previous experiences;
  • Very professional and laid-back staff, with the "need-do" attitude;
  • Very well-groomed area, scrupulous cleanliness;
  • Just wonderful villas, especially above the water;
  • Fantastic surface spa and excellent quality Bliss bathroom amenities in villas;
  • Underground club is limited by space, but this is the real thing!
  • Great choice for breakfast buffet - and there are tables in the pool! This is not an advertising gimmick, but a really pleasant feeling, to sit with your feet in the water, cooling in the hot morning;
  • The hotel has more grandiose ideas. Underwater weddings, who tried? With the subsequent spending the night on a tiny uninhabited island only for the newlyweds? Yes.
Marvelous place, very beautiful island, home reef! Only 20 min flight from Male. Wonderful and helpful staff. Complimentary paddle boards - which is nice) A lot of floating toys in the pool - also nice for good pictures)) Service is the best! Variety of food is very good! Special thank to Farooq! We were there with baby, 2 years old, even though there is no speci

What You Need to Know

  • Check-in from 2:00 PM , Check-out Until 12:00 PM
  • Children are welcome but we don't recommend the W for families. There are no activities and facilities targeted at children, and most guests are couples. The over water bungalows have no railings, and the room layout is not amenable to a rollaway.
  • The concept of "Music everywhere" does not appeal to people who seek peace and quiet in the Maldives;
  • The hotel has a 24/7 doctor;
  • Transfer depends on the weather, and all flights to Male only during daylight hours. Sometimes it takes a long time to wait in the W luxury lounge. Nevertheless - quite nice!
  • Beach villas are less private. Neighbors can see your deck from the upper terraces.

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