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Maldives Nightlife

What to Do at Night in The Maldives


Strictly Muslim nation, the scene of nightlife in the Maldives is unnatural - the sale and public consumption of alcohol are forbidden by the Koran. So do not be surprised at the lack of bars, pubs and nightclubs in Male. In fact, after sunset, most islanders simply enjoy a long dinner.

If you are looking for nightclubs and discos that remain open until the early hours - the Maldives, definitely not an ideal place for nightlife. Nevertheless, you can find some night life of the Maldives in most resorts that usually have at least a few bars and some have night clubs where you can spend the evening time listening to good music while sipping exotic tropical cocktails and enjoying the starry sky and part of the most civilized company in the world.

On many island resorts, romantic beach parties are held, and on the beaches live music is performed by local musicians, the most popular of which is usually Bodu Beru - one of the characteristic features of the culture of the islanders, reminiscent of the songs and dances of the peoples of East Africa.


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