New Public Ferry Service connects the Maldives southernmost atolls

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Raajje Transport Link (RTL) ferry service

21 August, 2023

The Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has taken a significant step towards enhancing connectivity and promoting economic growth in the southernmost atolls of the Maldives with the launch of the Raajje Transport Link (RTL) ferry service. The service, which was inaugurated on August 18, 2023, establishes vital transportation routes between Gnaviyani Atoll and Seenu Atoll, facilitating seamless travel within these regions.

The newly introduced RTL ferry service operates along two novel routes, effectively creating a highway link between Zone 6 (Gnaviyani and Seenu Atolls) and Zone 5 (South and North Huvadhu Atoll). This connectivity offers citizens a convenient means of travel for various purposes, serving as a catalyst for economic activities spanning multiple atolls.

To foster awareness and familiarity with the RTL ferry service, MTCC has announced a one-week trial period during which travel on the new routes will be free of charge. This approach aims to encourage residents to embrace and experience the benefits of the new transportation network firsthand.

Following the trial period, starting from August 25, 2023, travelers will be able to purchase tickets for travel on the RTL ferry service. The service will be available seven days a week, providing consistent and reliable transportation options for citizens across these atolls. The ferry schedules will be easily accessible through the RTL travel app and the official RTL website.

MTCC’s launch of the RTL ferry service is in line with the Integrated National Public Ferry Network, a comprehensive plan designed to establish efficient ferry connections throughout the Maldives. This network, aligned with the National Special Plan (2020-2040), encompasses both passenger and freight ferries, connecting islands across six regions.

As the RTL ferry service continues to roll out in all six regions, the plan envisions the deployment of 82 speed boats, with a network spanning 188 ferry terminals. 

The RTL initiative stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to enhancing nationwide connectivity and fostering economic growth across the Maldives. By establishing dependable transportation infrastructure, the country is poised to unlock new opportunities for both citizens and businesses.

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