Maldives' Best Hotels for Vegetarians

Most Popular Vegetarian Dining in Resorts in the Maldives

Maldives' Best Hotels for Vegetarians

Most Popular Vegetarian Dining in Resorts in the Maldives

Updated March, 2020

The Maldives is a top luxury holiday destination known for diving, fabulous islands, a romantic honeymoon and white sandy beaches with clear turquoise waters. The islands have all the makings of a paradise, unless you are a vegan or vegan. But plans to travel to a remote island in a country where the national cuisine revolves around fish can cause concern, since even the thought of world-class luxury does not compensate for the idea of ​​being stuck in paradise where there is nothing to eat.

But times are changing and now there are several luxury resorts in the Maldives that have perfected vegetarian luxury. In these places you will not be deceived by the salad, in fact you will be spoiled for choice, indulging your delicate tastes and marveling at your appetite, as you eat the refined food of the gods, which is cooked without the use of animal products.

1 Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives – A Premium All-Inclusive Resort

Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives – A Premium All-Inclusive Resort

Best Experience:  for Couples, Beach, Family, Activities, All-Inclusive

Atmosphere Kanifushi is also the home to the first exquisite vegetarian restaurant in the Maldives, aptly named ‘Just Veg’, offering generous vegetarian food, including recipes for vegans and vegans, all of which can be enjoyed in a beautiful setting with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.

Michelin's star chef Fabrizio Marino topped Just Veg in September 2014 and his legacy still lives today offering a menu with an assortment of quality Italian-inspired vegetarian dishes, along with a selection of food from around the world.

 Responsive image

Try almond pesto tagliatelle, delicious phad-thai (Thai rice noodle dish) and fresh bread from the oven, served with sweet and spicy chutney and pickles. And it was not only us vegetarians who raved about tasty food; evening after evening Just Veg was filled with people opening up a veggie lifestyle and pleasantly surprised by the great taste of the new delicious food.

Other restaurants in this little piece of paradise are also more than able to appease the appetites of vegan vegans and vegetarians guests to feel at home, courteously offering everything from delicate, fresh Japanese cuisine, beautifully presented vegan sushi to elegant vegetarian desserts; Order a magical dish based on amazing local plants.

All Atmosphere Kanifushi chefs have the knowledge and talent to create superb vegetarian goodies, adding a touch of high cuisine to simple foods like falafel, and showing off traditional cuisine from around the world that also targets Paul McCartney fans, like delicious sticky semolina pudding.

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But not only food, makes this luxury resort popular among vegetarians, in-room facilities and amenities include a sunscreen, lip oil and insect repellent - all done under the luxury brand Kimrica, whose entire line is devoid of animal products, making them 100% mi vegetarian.

There is also Akiri Spa, the menu of which not only offers traditional Balinese massages, but also a number of other therapeutic procedures using vegetarian products. So do not look for any excuse to pamper yourself and relax while listening to the sounds of the Indian Ocean, blowing away all your worries. Read Full Review..

2 Ayada Maldives

Best Experience:  fHoneymoon, Family, Gourmet dining, Water Villas, Spa, All Inclusive

This 5-star award-winning resort is our other luxury choice for vegans and vegans in the Maldives, who in 2014 wins the World Travel Awards 'Best Water Villa in the World' award, so you know what you pay for this place.

Ocean Suites sit on stilts in the lagoon and are equipped with steps that descend into the water, where you can find an amazing coral reef, hundreds of tropical fish, and even sea turtles. Each villa has an elegant private infinity pool, comfortable hammocks stretched over the water and sofas on the terrace, ideal for complete relaxation, with views of the sunset on the ocean horizon.

Luxury suites - this is certainly good, and do not want to leave the villa, where each of them offers a "live card" with a view that will live with you forever.

 ayada maldives fine dinner

But the main draw at the hotel is the food, which makes Ayada Maldives a particularly tempting offer for vegans and vegans.

All you have to do is say that you are a vegetarian. Then relax and wait, because the most amazing food will come to your table, whether these dishes are on the menu or not, the talented team of Ayada chefs will not stop until you make sure that you get real taste of vegetarian luxury in every tasty piece.

You can eat healthy salads from their 'live' salad bar, where the chef will slice freshly picked vegetables especially for you, or you can order a vegetarian homemade burger with your favorite side dish and enjoy a relaxing lunch by the pool. Perhaps you are tempted by a few authentic Balinese dishes, rich in spicy peanut sauce and sweet 'kecap manis', or you choose a dish like their 'Vegetable Stack', made up of fresh crunchy vegetables, perfectly baked, with thick tomato sauce and served on the most creamy vegetarian puree you have ever tried.
Regardless of your choice, it is unlikely that you will be disappointed with what has come to the table, as service and quality are exceptional.

Sit and admire from the Ocean Breeze restaurant at Ayada Maldives as the sun sinks in the Indian Ocean, not forgetting to order new portions of vegetarian gourmet food during one of those unforgettable evenings that you will remember with a smile upon returning home.

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Try 'Puy Lentil' salad with lentils marinated with parsnips, pine nuts and lemon juice, fresh and very crisp in taste, filled with aromas of roasted parsnips and pine nuts, or enjoy Italian polenta with herbs and fried eggplant with tomatoes, decorated with quite edible flowers.
All dishes are beautifully presented and cooked with love and attention, but they taste as good as they look, with subtle and wonderful aromas that adorn every single plate.

And as a retreat, we believe that Ayada Maldives serves the most fabulously presented Turkish coffee in the resort city called Ottoman Lounge, where a small glass cup of surprisingly strong and aromatic coffee comes to you on a spectacular silver tray, raising the luxury factor by another step or two. Read Full Review..

3 OBLU SELECT at Sangeli- All Inclusive

Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives – A Premium All-Inclusive Resort

Best Experience:  Honeymoon, Family, Service, ALL INCLUSIVE, House Reef Snorkeling, Vegetarian, Divingf

With the unique All Inclusive Serenity Plan, OBLU Select by Atmosphere at Sangeli Island is the newest ALL INCLUSIVE resort in the Maldives. Opened on July 1 2018, the hotel offers a wide selection of modern individual beach and water villas and suites to choose from, some with private pools. Just 50 minutes by speedboat from Velana International Airport (Male), this idyllic tropical paradise is within easy reach. Perfectly suitable for couples and families, OBLU Select at Sangeli promises to be a beautiful island chic and it's a delightful addition to Maldives' resort segment.

 simply veg restaurant

Located on 'One Banyan' (the smaller 'adults only' island), don't hesitate to dine at Simply Veg, it is gourmet on a very high level, with an excellent service by Priya and her amazing staff. Are you vegan or carnivorous, we definitely recommend all guests try it out! Simply Veg is a real surprise. Many guests believe that they can not without meat, but we can safely say, it's the best vegetarian food which you have ever enjoyed. The flavours and food presentation is outstanding - Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine is a first class in every respect.

Ideal for vegan and vegetarians, the restaurant opens for lunch and dinner and the menu skillfully blends veggie, gluten free food from all over the world. Expect abundant salivation and a feast for all senses. Vegetarian North Indian style kebabs serve with tamarind & coriander chutney while beetroot anise hints samousa, goat cheese & paprika tzatziki.

Try their: 'ASIAN SHINE' that's features asparagus, sweet melon & glass noodle with citrus soya dressing; MEXICAN GAZPACHO is cold tomato with guacamole, olive oil & herbs granite; Viet Pady features red rice salad with lemongrass dressing, vegetables & tofu:; Locavore ragout is a maldivian style pumpkin curry, served with cumin rice, pappadam and chutney; 'GNOCCHI FUNGHI' is a potato gnocchi with mushroom in light creamy sauce; or 'MAKANI DELIGHT' black lentils & kidney beans in rich gravy paratha and basmati rice. 'HOT TOM', mushroom with long beans in hot & sour Tom Yum soup is highly recommended!

As for dessert, ask 'CHOKO ROL' - a chocolate spring roll & passion fruit sauce or 'PIÑA PIÑA' - a pineapple duet carpaccio & caramelized, lime coriander. READ MORE

4 Soneva Fushi

Huvafen Fushi water villa

Best Experience:  Crusoe Villas, the beach houses, Spa, Family Holiday, beaches

Way out in the Indian Ocean, guests at a luxury Soneva resort are participating in the ultimate farm-to-table experience — and they even get to harvest the ingredients for their own dinners. The Soneva Fushi just opened Shades of Green, its new vegetarian restaurant at the exclusive Maldives resort. The seed for the vegetarian restaurant was planted when Copenhagen-based chef Carsten Kyster visited Soneva Fushi as a guest in March 2018. Kyster has worked at the River Café and The Sugar Club in London as well as travelling and working in Southeast Asia over the last 15 years. After eating a lunch made with ingredients from Soneva Fushi’s organic garden, inspiration struck. A year later, the 20-seat Shades of Green welcomes guests for intimate, plant-based dinners.

Before dining at the new vegetarian restaurant, guests take a guided tour of the garden, learning about the herbs, fruits and vegetables while picking dinner ingredients. They gather around a fire pit for an appetizer, then move to tables set beneath fruit trees to enjoy the remaining six courses. Dinner can last late into the night. Shades of Green’s menu will change with the seasons and is based around the colours red, green and yellow. Chef Kyster blends Maldivian and other Southeast Asian cuisines with Nordic culinary techniques, such as salting, smoking, pickling and fermenting. The meal is designed to fulfill six categories: cleanse, raw, crispy, grain, fire and sweet. For example, mangosteen kombucha paired with plums, beetroot vinegar powder and shiso leaves is a cleansing dish. A fire dish contains hotter ingredients, such as leeks and pepper sauce.

Soneva Fushi is located within the Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve coral reef. Guests in the 61 private villas enjoy amenities like an open-air cinema, a high-tech observatory, a glassblowing studio, private butlers and 500 different wines — and now, a vegetarian restaurant, too. Read Full Review...

5 Huvafen Fushi

Huvafen Fushi water villa

Best Experience:   Overwater Bungalows, Undewater Spa, Beaches, House Reef Snorkelling. Gourmet Dining

In addition to the first underwater spa in the Maldives, Huvafen Fushi has RAW: Revitalising Addictive Wellness – a new wellness restaurant which will awaken guests’ senses with pure, unrefined cuisines. Hovering over an ethereal realm of water, above the world’s first underwater spa, PEARL, the innovative dining venue captivates with unadulterated fresh flavours.

According to Huvafen Fushi, at RAW, guests can embark on an internal cleanse with nourishing morsels to restore inner balance and bring natural healing. At RAW, salads, detox juices and other natural fare are “stripped to their elemental essence,” according to the resort.

RAW’s curated menu features a range of nutritious plant-based, protein-rich foods including the signature ‘Avocado Carpaccio’ with a miso orange dressing, pomegranate and mushroom salsa; as well as organic cold-pressed fresh juices and smoothies such as ‘High C Vigor’, blending apple juice, cucumber, spinach and wheatgrass powder; or ‘Peelers Parlour’ with recovery protein, coconut, pineapple, mango and Maldivian banana – but not forgetting the occasional glass of wine and fizz  Read Full Review...

6 Mirihi Island Resort

mirihi island

Best Experience: for Honeymoon, Beach, Value, Diving, House Reef Snorkelling

Located on one of the smallest islands in the Maldives, Mirihi Island Resort offers 37 villas, and has its own and unique style with luxury and comfortable features that you can expect from any large 5-star resort. From a beach cinema, spa, free non-motorized water sports to a hypnotic house reef wreck diving, as well as a great selection of activities, excursions, and water sports on the island, there are many alternatives that can pull you out of bed or tear off a beach chaise longue. This tiny luxury boutique hotel with a relaxed atmosphere is ideal for couples and small groups looking for first-class food and a wide selection of wines, as well as excellent snorkeling, and a fantastic dive from more than 40 dive sites. Depending on the season, half-board and all-inclusive packages are available. 

hongkongkale at mirihi island

The overwater a la carte restaurant Muraka is only open for dinner and features a terrace deck with the eight exclusive tables, surf and turf cuisine, a la carte, and vegetarian menus. Twice weekly themed menus, like a four-course lobster dinner where three of five dishes contain locally caught Maldivian lobster and a wine-and-dine meal with wine pairings, are also available. Reservations are not required, but are recommended because of limited seating. Whether it is a special occasion or you just want to treat your loved one, Muraka is the perfect choice.

Please do not hesitate to contact the waiter staff for further vegetarian & vegan options. The resort's executive chef and his talented kitchen team are more than happy to prove their skills by creating and cooking a customized mouthwatering meal for you. Download Vegetarian Menu

vegetable tempura at mirihi island

In 2020 catering to the ever-growing number of Vegans worldwide, Mirihi Island Resort has introduced a new vegan cooking class offering, allowing guests to uncover the art of Maldivian vegan cuisine under the basking sun or twinkling stars of the night sky. Read Full Review....

7 Pullman Maldives All-Inclusive Resort

Pullman Maldives All-Inclusive Resort

Best Experience: for Honeymoon, Families, Vegetarians, Spa, Snorkelling

Pullman Maldives Maamutaa Resort is a 5-star lifestyle getaway in one of the most pristine atolls in the South of the Maldives. Opened on september 2019, the 120 villas resort offers an immersive art and design experience with a holistic integrated approach to wellbeing. Located both overwater and on the beach, guests shall choose their residence with the unbelievable option of underwater bedroom suites. While the water-sport center is entertaining you with number of fun activities, there are 6 F&B outlets with a-la-carte options are part of the all-Inclusive experience icluding the Phat Chameleon, a complete organic, vegan and vegetarian restaurant. Fitness and Wellbeing centers, teen-only club, kids club, spa, wedding pavilion, tennis court and gardens are just among the various resort facilities here.

Phat Chameleon by Pullman serves inventive, playful and surprising culinary creations which stimulate all the senses. An entirely new experience for epicures – the first gourmet organic vegan and vegetarian restaurant in the Maldives. An adventure which takes place right in the midst of the herb and vegetable garden at Pullman Maldives Maamutaa Resort. Phat Chameleon by Pullman is inspiring, innovative, alluring cuisine. Which happens to be vegan. Read Full Review

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