Malé Shopping

Where to Shop and What to Buy in Malé

Malé Shopping

Where to Shop and What to Buy in Malé

August, 2019

The capital and most populous city in the Republic of Maldives, Malé is a picturesque place that attracts thousands of tourists. In addition to hotels, attractions, restaurants and cafes, the metropolis of Male is also filled with shops where visitors can buy stuff. Malé shopping can be an exciting adventure.

Malé shopping

A Few Words about Touts

As soon as you leave the boat or start your walk on the front, you are likely to be attracted by a Maldivian person who will offer you a trip around the city. He probably will not have any training or accreditation, so it's impossible to say whether this person will be useful to you or become a pain in the back. The main thing that you need to know is that he earns money from commissions from tourist shops, so his main goal is to take you to a shop or two, throwing you to other places that you might also want to see.

What should you do? Take control. Sure there is not - everything is in order. If you find someone good, you're lucky. We hope that in due course trained young people will have certificates of accreditation.

Malé shopping

Souvenir Shops

Not so long ago, the goods that came to Male were packed into small shops in the bazaar beyond the harbor. In general, they were standard items, basic food products and the necessary equipment. From there they seeped into households.

Today, these basic household items are represented by dozens of varieties and more, and are available in small shops at every corner. Meanwhile, two main streets, east / west Majeedi Magu and north / south Chandani Magu, are lined with shops of each description, and standard products do not come to the fore. This is the city that buys the best, wherever it can; The top row and famous world brands are becoming more noticeable.

Most tourist souvenir shops are conveniently located on Chandani Magu, a street stretching south of Republic Square (a green field with a flagpole adjacent to the landing site of most tourists) where you can find the most amazing souvenirs. There are stalls stocked with every possible Maldives craft, assuring visitors they’ll find something to bring home. The most popular stalls display the “thudukuna” the traditional Maldives mat, woven by Maldivian women as taught to them by prior generations. You’ll also find beautiful wooden miniatures. Since many stores sell the same items, it is worth checking their number to be sure of a competitive price. Shops Najah Art Palace and Souvenirs (above the shops on Chandani Magu) have a good range and are well managed. For modern crafts made by the Maldives, make your way to The Craft Shop - the touts will not lead you there. Read more about an Authentic Maldivian Crafts...

Orchid Magu, Faamudheyri Magu and Faredhee Magu are also great shopping hubs for the best in Maldives shopping. You will not be disappointed.

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Buying Brand Names

Walking in a circle, you will meet the world famous fashion brands, consumer electronics and cosmetics, but a warning: as in many other Asian cities, there are many fakes, copies and scammers.

Four large stores that sell branded goods are only Reefside, Evince, Le Cute and Sonee Sports. Reefside is prominently located at the top end of the Chandani Magu, while Evince sits at the down of the street. Evince and Le Cute (just around the corner from Chandani Magu, to Majeedi Magu) are impressive boutiques. This shopping will be a pleasant surprise for most visitors, even a shock that in Malé there are such modern stores with such high-quality products.

Metropolis Malé has ceased to be the capital of an isolated sultanate, closed to itself, to become a vibrant city open to the world, modern and market-oriented, like any great city in the region. If you have the opportunity to spend here half a day or even a couple of hours, do not miss this exursion.

Also, if luxury brands, happening dining options, and game zones is what you’re looking for, then head to Centro Mall in Hulhumale. Hosting more than 30 brand outlets and flagship stores, classy salons, spa and world-class dining outlets like Manhattan Fish Market, it is unquestionably the classiest place to go for shopping in Maldives.

Shops are open from 9 am to 10 pm and often not closed another hour, which is not prohibited by local laws.

male-city shopping

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