Vacation Ideas for Every Type of Traveler in Maldives

Things to Do in the Maldives

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Book Your All Inclusive Vacation and save 25% in Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts, Maldives

July, 2023

While the Maldives is renowned for their world-famous beaches, sparkling turquoise seas and five-star resorts, the destination also offers endless things for adventure and exploration that meet every traveler’s desires.

From dolphin spotting excursion to snorkeling experiences there’s more to the Maldives than meets the eye. We’ve rounded up some of the top things to do that each type of traveler can enjoy on their next Maldives holidays.

1. Adrenaline activities for thrillseekers

Adrenaline activities in maldives

Balance out all the relaxation with some thrill-seeking activities like an jet ski safari tour, which is the perfect way to explore the islands, lagoons and beaches.

Or spend a day surfing, or kiteboarding which is becoming very popular watersports in Maldives today, with many luxury resorts that offer both lessons and rentals.

Other water activities include floating water parks, big game fishing, catamaran sailing, kayaking, wakeboarding, SUP boarding, E-Surfing, tubing, parasailing, adrenaline-pumping Seabreacher and Hydrofoiler, as well as Jetblade and Jetpack experiences.

Say “yes” to sharks to provide a good dose of adrenaline for the most experienced divers - diving with tiger sharks. Elevate your breathtaking adventures when you sign up for a Tiger Shark Specialty Course, designed specifically for divers who want to safely and responsibly dive with tiger sharks in the unique waters of Fuvahmulah, Maldives.

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2. For the Nature Lover

a breathtaking destination for sightings of whale sharks

For the nature lover, you’ve come to the right place to explore some of the best marine life in the world. Enjoy house reef snorkeling or scuba diving in the Maldives to get an up-close look at fantastic coral and sea life. While scuba diving is popular all over the Maldives, one of the best ways to discover its underwater world is by hopping on a liveaboard.

The Maldives is a breathtaking destination for sightings of whale sharks and manta rays. South Ari Atoll is one of the best places to spot whale sharks all year round. The best place to see mantas is Hanifaru Bay in Baa Atoll, the only UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the Maldives. Sunset is the perfect time to go look for the pods of dolphins that inhabit the surrounding waters. Take a submarine tour of the underwater world of the Indian Ocean while visiting Male in the Maldives.

On land, learn about the flora and fauna that inhabit the island, their names in Dhivehi, stories about them and learn how to spot animal tracks. Immerse yourself in green spaces of natural beauty and spiritual serenity of herbs & orchid gardens. In the cultivated areas around the resort, many woody and non-woody plants grow wild. A tree planting activity, available for both adults and children at the Maldives resorts, helps maintain the luscious vegetation of the island and leaving a lasting memory of your stay in paradise!

3. For the Culture Buff

Friday Mosque in maldives


Immerse yourself into traditional island life of the Maldives on staying a local island. Discover authentic Maldivian experiences to understanding more about the history and local culture of the Maldives. Learn more about the unique lifestyle of Maldivians, narrated by one of a friendly local hosts, craft woven handicrafts made from palm leaves, head to sustainable tuna fishing, climb a coconut tree or cook up a traditional Maldivian foods with a local chefs. No celebration of Maldivian culture would be complete without the country’s traditional drumming and dancing, known as ‘Bodu Beru’. Explore and create your own island adventure!

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Cora Cora Maldives is the one-of-kind resort in the Maldives to showcase a licensed art gallery and museum! With over 400 incredible local artefacts in the collection, guests can explore the rich history of the Maldives in its breath-taking natural surroundings.

Experiencing the capital of the Maldives, Malé on a day walking tour allows travelers to step inside the life of an ordinary Maldivian for a few hours. Discover the history and culture of Malé with a local guide. Soak up the city as you walk past incredible architecture, discover the history and culture of Malé, taste local delicacies at the food markets, learn interesting facts about the world-class education system and see what traditional life is like. Head to the fish market to see the catch from the Indian Ocean, view landmarks such as the President's Palace, Maldives National Museum, Sultan Park, and Friday Mosque. Also get the chance to shop for souvenirs or enjoy local culture enjoying traditional "hedika" and tea at a local cafe.

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4. For the Foodie

taj exotica water villas with view

From traditional Maldivian cuisine, a floating breakfast to fine dining at underwater restaurants, the options for food lovers in the Maldives are never-ending.

If tasting fine wine is on the list of things you want to do on your Maldives holiday, a some luxurious resorts boast an extensive collection of worldwide famous labels.

Best of the Maldives resorts offer a great variety of plant-based, vegetarian, vegan, and raw dishes at Its restaurants, from organic and locally sourced ingredients. The 'Farm-to-Table' concept invites for a healthy and creative culinary journey, supporting sustainable approach to food and helping reduce carbon footprint.

Aside from sugar beaches, sparkling waters, world-class resorts and stunning sea life, there is another thing this island country is hard to imagine without is Maldivian cuisine. Experience cooking classes while holidaying in Maldives to learn chop, cook and serve like a master chef. The lessons are fun, educational and entertaining, and are perfect for a rainy day or just as a fun thing to do on vacation with family or friends.

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5. For the Wellness enthusiast

over-water spa in maldives

Wellness vacations are an all-time favorite. Synonymous with well-being, trending wellness movements have been helping travelers seamlessly integrate their daily health and fitness goals with exploration of even the world’s most far-flung destinations. If warm weather, sea views, world-class spas and outdoor recreation are what you seek, get creative your holiday to the Maldives. From a rejuvenating yoga program to gym, fitness classes, finest healing treatments tailored for the individual needs, and wholesome and healthy food, there are many ways to wellness in the Maldives.

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5. For the Sports aficionado

swings at tennis

Whether you football fan, surf, sail or love tennis, plan a Maldives vacation based on your favorite sport.

Experience adrenaline rushes and dopamine releases on an international standard football and futsal fields and mute the rest of the world with one of the best sports that exists. You can perfect your swings at tennis and padel courts. Come and enjoy a game with friends and family on a green overlooking the Indian ocean or learn from scratch with the state-of-the-art golf simulators and get coached by a very own in-house Golf Pro.

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3. For Art lovers

baby of Sea Turtles in maldives

Annually, the Crossroads Maldives hosts an art space located at the heart of The Marina called “The Gallery”, a home to a variety of masterpieces from local community as well as international artists of all levels and genres.

Feelings of bliss, freedom and fresh. Vivid culture, smell, and tropical gustatory pleasures. Hear and feel the breeze. With largest art collection in the Maldives, Oaga Art Resort aims to provide an authentic cultural hospitality experience by immersing guests in small doses of true Maldivian art, culture, food, and heritage.

Every year Kandima Maldives invites over 20 local artists to the 'KULA Art' festifal specializing in various mediums including digital, coffee, acrylic, henna, spray paint and local crafts, turning the resort into the trendiest, most happening art center in the Indian Ocean.

An art resort overall, contemporary design and imaginative displays coalesce at Patina Maldives, Fari Islands. Not only is an impeccably curated island resort a stunning property in its own right, but it also employs innovation in seeking art through multiple mediums, aiming to establish itself as a destination of deep cultural character.

One of the best Maldives resort for art lovers JOALI is renowned for bringing art to every corner of its beautiful island. From stunning architecture to world-class art installations, every detail at JOALI Maldives is designed to inspire and delight. 

5. For the discerning traveler

Malé City highlights 2023

The Maldives is paradise destination that should be on the bucket list of every discerning travelers. The most luxurious hotels in the Maldives take full advantage of the fact that they are perfectly located in one of the world's most beautiful destination, which is visually stunning with crystal clear waters, white beaches and abundant marine life. Travelers with a penchant for the high life, dining extravaganzas and spa sensations will enjoy a luxury water villa with slide or beach house at the best Maldives island hideaways where a dedicated butler will see to your every need.

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5. For meetings & events

Malé City highlights 2023

One-of-kind destination Maldives is not only a special place to honeymoon or family holidays. Along with its scenic beaches, the superb climate, high standard of luxury accommodation and facilities and the range of extracurricular activities on offer make the Maldives an excellent choice for seminars, conferences and other corporate events of all sizes make them appealing to both organisers and guests.

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