ONYX Hospitality Group unveils ‘maai spa’ as a bold step towards shining presence in the Wellness Sector

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maai spa in maldives

03 September, 2023

ONYX Hospitality Group introduces “maai spa”, an upscale spa venture that draws inspiration from the elegant life cycle of silk, mirroring its transformative journey into a graceful butterfly poised for flight. This metamorphic process is seamlessly woven together with a spirit of delivering excellent service in contemporary Thai style, seamlessly melding the realms of science and art to nurture both physical and spiritual well-being. This vision comes to life as the enchanting charm of “maai spa”, presenting elite services that uphold international standards, all while focusing on catering to the affluent traveler segment deeply invested in achieving comprehensive well-being.

The Group has also revealed its upcoming plans for branch expansion into travel destinations, encompassing both locations within Thailand and abroad. The roadmap includes the introduction of “maai spa” in prominent hotels and resorts, with the goal of establishing it as a premium spa brand, providing comprehensive services for the overall well-being of both the body and mind. Presently, the spa is operational in Thailand and the Maldives.

ONYX Hospitality Group stands as a prominent figure in the realm of hotel, resort, and serviced apartment management across Southeast Asia. Guided by its vision to be recognized as “The Best Medium-sized Hospitality Management Company in Southeast Asia,” the company anticipates an escalating demand for premium spa services among affluent tourists. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis, there is a distinct and evident resurgence in wellness tourism, characterized by a remarkable annual growth rate exceeding 20%. Furthermore, the worldwide health tourism sector is poised for substantial expansion, with projections indicating a surge to reach a market value of USD 1.3 trillion by the year 2025

With a comprehensive understanding of the market, bolstered by decades of expertise in managing hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, and various other service-oriented businesses, and backed by a robust and extensive database, ONYX Hospitality Group is well-equipped to venture into the wellness tourism sector. This venture involves the introduction of a premium spa brand known as “maai spa”. Anchored in the innovative “Silk Journey” concept, this brand aims to provide patrons with a holistic wellness experience. 

At present, the inaugural location of “maai spa” has been established at Amari Raaya Maldives, a premier luxury resort situated on Raa Atoll in the Maldives. It was opened for business on 1st August 2023, marking the official launch of the spa brand’s first branch. In continuation of this successful debut, the latest addition to the maai spa portfolio is situated at Amari Pattaya. Nestled on the beach in North Pattaya, Amari Pattaya is an upper-upscale hotel renowned for providing an exceptional blend of relaxation and premium services, encompassing remarkable offerings for banquets and conferences. 

ONYX Hospitality Group is committed to a steady expansion of its “maai spa” brand, both within its home country and international markets. The forthcoming expansion will witness the inauguration of flagship branches in prominent locations, namely Bangkok and Phuket. These new branches are poised to provide spa enthusiasts with exceptional treatment and a holistic wellness experience. Both destinations will become sanctuaries for those seeking to pamper the body and soothe the mind for total relaxation.   

“Drawing upon ONYX Hospitality Group’s extensive experience and expertise in the realm of hospitality in Southeast Asian markets, it becomes evident that this region stands out as a beacon of rapid tourism growth on a global scale. This region has also emerged as a prime haven for tourists and luxury travelers alike, with a distinct emphasis on wellness tourism. Particularly within Thailand, the wellness industry has earned an esteemed reputation and widespread recognition on an international level. Here, the wellness sector exhibits a remarkable sign of continuous growth. Combining these elements alongside the untapped potential inherent in ONYX Hospitality Group’s capabilities and its commitment to upholding global standards of exceptional service, we stand fully prepared to introduce the brand-new “maai spa” service today. This luxurious spa offering is poised to provide an extraordinary and meticulously crafted experience, emphasizing attention to detail across all dimensions. “maai spa” proudly presents the charm of the silk journey, woven intricately into an array of distinct treatments, inviting visitors to embark on an unparalleled voyage of indulgence,” said Yuthachai CharanachittaCEO of ONYX Hospitality Group

He also said, “We hold a strong belief that “maai spa” is well-equipped to cater to the demands of our target customers, a substantial segment within the market characterized by their truly considerable purchasing power. By strategically selecting key focal points such as the Maldives and Thailand for our initial launch, we are guided by the belief that “maai spa” is a flagship business in our portfolio in the spa and holistic healthcare sector. This venture is set to elevate ONYX Hospitality Group’s reputation as a preeminent management entity for hotels, resorts, and serviced apartments across Southeast Asia. We possess a profound understanding of the specific demands within the tourism market of this region. Furthermore, we manage several brands that are well-prepared to significantly enhance the growth of businesses linked to the tourism sector.” 

Embarking on a transformative silk journey with ‘maai spa’ treatments

The treatments at “maai spa” are carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail. They are presented through a captivating narrative of exquisite artistry, much like the elegance of Thai silk. This narrative encompasses both its graceful visual appeal and its gentle, velvety texture, leading to the creation of an innovative luxury spa concept that seamlessly combines contemporary Thai spa practices. 

massages menu in maldives

This narrative beautifully intertwines the symbolism of silk with the mastery of healing across diverse domains, all harmoniously blended with contemporary, refined Thai practices adhering to global standards. It guides visitors through an immersive “Silk Journey” spa experience, following the transformative path of silkworms – from the inception of butterfly eggs, through the cocooning phase, to their emergence as fully-developed butterflies. 

Each treatment at “maai spa” is crafted to offer customers a sense of nourishment and revitalization for their body, mind, and soul—a true embodiment of holistic well-being. The ultimate goal is to bring happiness and relaxation to every facet, facilitating a positive transformation both externally and internally. This process mirrors the gradual development of silk, evolving into strength and readiness to create a cocoon, ultimately producing the exquisite natural silk threads that define its beauty. 

A standout feature of “maai spa” lies in its seamless fusion of the art and science of massage, encompassing a wide array of exceptional treatments. These involve Swedish massage, sports massage, Indian head massage, Chinese reflexology, and the unique jade stone massage in which heated jade is delicately applied to the body, enhancing blood circulation and easing stress. These offerings are thoughtfully combined with traditional Thai treatments, employing natural elements with delightful fragrances to deliver relaxation through comprehensive care and attentive service. 

What sets “maai spa” apart is its approach to crafting a spa experience tailored to individual needs, embracing the essence of bespoke services. This includes crafting personalized DIY massage oils with distinctive formulations and allowing the selection of massage intensity based on the unique requirements and suitability for the holistic recovery of each individual’s body and mind. 

Within the realm of body treatments, “maai spa” seamlessly integrates exfoliation, masking, and soaking, employing luxurious spa products sourced from DONNA CHANG. These premium offerings are derived from the natural components and raw materials that stem from the process of silkworm farming; embodying nourishing properties exclusively tailored for “maai spa”. Furthermore, its facial treatments are meticulously designed to cater to individual requirements. These treatments feature the use of the finest products by ELEMIS, specifically chosen to reveal smooth and soft skin for every skin type.  

The “maai spa” located at Amari Pattaya Hotel represents its second branch, following the inaugural branch at Amari Raaya Maldives. The spa boasts a distinctive decor that artfully captures the emotional journey of silkworm growth. This theme resonates throughout various treatment rooms, designed to evoke the sensation of entering a cocoon. It’s an experience that engages all five senses, integrating elements such as color, light, temperature, and scent to create an ambiance of comfort and tenderness, warmly embracing visitors. “maai spa” at Amari Pattaya features a total of 7 treatment rooms, among which is the Family Room, offering a unique Kids’ Spa where children can partake in soothing moments alongside their parents. 

Fueled by a robust brand concept and exceptional business development strategies that have earned the trust of esteemed domestic and international partners of ONYX Hospitality Group, there is a steadfast belief that “maai spa” will enjoy resounding success in fulfilling customer needs and leaving a lasting impression. This firmly drives its aspiration to emerge as a forthcoming leader in the premium spa sector across the Asian landscape. 

Now, Amari Raaya Maldives resort is open for booking with opening rates with breakfast from USD 495; Stay Period: 04 September 2023 - 23 December 2023

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• Daily Kids Club activities
• Daily evening entertainment including a live band, DJ or cultural show
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