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21 November, 2022

A luxury escape to the Maldives conjures up the most blissful images of tropical getaways. Fine, pristine sands; endless blue seas and sky; warm sunny days and crystal clear waters; underwater wonderworlds of shimmering coral reefs; exquisite accommodation and exceptional dining. Whether you are seeking for nature perfection, a romantic interlude, total privacy or the chance to pamper yourself in stunning surroundings to create unique memories the Maldives is indeed exceptional.

As for The Nautilus, we believe they’re just beginning. New bohemian luxury, the private island set Its standard for luxury in Maldives at a much higher bar.

Lear more to discover how The Nautilus’s definition of 'Ultra-luxury' comes to life.

1. Freedom unconditional

The Nautilus' definition of “ultra-luxury” centres on freedom: freedom of individual expression, freedom from the clock, freedom to do – and be – as you please. It’s the freedom to shape each day to your particular whim.

On Island's beaches, you’ll discover liberating space – room to breathe, miles of natural wonder – to reconnect with yourself and enjoy your own personal journey. And you’ll also find that this atmosphere of freedom saturates the island and our style of hospitality in every way: from our concept of unscripted dining (think creative cuisine by masterful chefs, menus tailored to your tastes and mealtimes anytime) to our range of free-spirited experiences (like impulsive sea adventures, reviving spa treatments and private sandbank cinemas), you’re invited to let go and unwind at every turn.

2. Time to escape the clock

While stay at The Nautilus island, time stands still – and special moments linger longer. You won’t find any clocks, timetables, set mealtimes or closing hours. Rather, you’re encouraged to leave behind the rush and routine of modern life as you escape to a paradise beyond the bounds of time, where you are free to set your own beat, free to decide, at your leisure, what to do – or not do.

Untethered from the clock, you’re invited to enjoy the rhythms of nature instead – sunrises and sunsets, high tides and low tides, the wax and wane of the moon. You’re encouraged to awaken the natural rhythms of your body and soul, to slip into afternoon naps and spontaneous mealtimes; to simply be in the moment and make memories with the people who matter most. Breakfast in bed at sunset? Impromptu snorkel at dawn? The resort's team make it happen.

3. Timeless romance in total freedom

At the resort, you won’t find any clocks, timetables or set opening hours. This atmosphere of timelessness makes the perfect setting for romance, for love that is eternal, for meaningful connections in treasured, unforgettable moments.

Coupled with this freedom from time is the freedom to be uniquely you. The island's bespoke approach to hospitality means that staff is eager to meet your specific desires and wishes. From preparing your house exactly to your tastes, to arranging spontaneous excursions and feasts at all hours, your personal House Master – a dedicated butler available 24/7 – will make all your honeymoon dreams come true.

4. A retreat to precious privacy

Love thrives in intimacy. And at The Nautilus, privacy is standard: you’ll feel like castaways on a desert island. With just 26 houses and residences, the island boasts a natural seclusion and exclusivity in its very conception and layout. Residences are truly tropical hideaways: private, spacious cocoons furnished with luxuries and personal touches to make you feel at home – on holiday. With a private infinity pool; expansive sun deck; glorious, uninterrupted views; and the option to order in everything from world-class gourmet treats to bespoke spa treatments; you need never leave your paradise abode.

5. A space to call your own – and yours alone

hanifaru bay, Baa Atoll, Maldives

One of modern life’s rarest luxuries is privacy. And here, in a corner of paradise, you’ll discover this precious treasure in abundance. The Nautilus island is nestled in the Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, with miles of the bluest ocean separating you from the crowds, where people are far outnumbered by countless species of sea creatures.

And, because only 26 houses and residences line the shores, The Nautilus is perfect for private getaways. Each spacious abode has been thoughtfully designed as a personal sanctum, complete with private infinity pool and uninterrupted sea views. What’s more, all of our signature experiences – from fine dining and live entertainment to spa treatments and yoga sessions – are available as in-room services or private excursions, with the likes of guided dives, yacht cruises and castaway picnics tailored to your wishes.

6. A world of your own making, at your call

Hyper-personalisation is a Nautilus speciality – because luxury is also about supreme comfort – the kind of comfort that combines exotic allure with a sense of home. To usher in bespoke service from the very start, guests’ island abodes are specially fashioned to their needs and desires – from the perfect pool temperature to a custom-stocked private bar.

bespoke service for all

The Nautilus' pièce de résistance is the House Master service: a full butler service assigned to you, available anytime, for any request, as the moment takes you. Your House Master prepares for your visit long before you arrive: putting together a tailor-made selection of once-in-a-lifetime ideas on how to spend your time with us: from customised programmes for the little ones to balmy date nights for the grownups while the kids are cared for by a professional childminders.

7. Barefoot, bohemian whimsy

Taking its cue from our guiding vision of liberating luxury, each space and detail of the private island resort is infused with a bohemian spirit of whimsy. It’s a vision of luxury that’s laidback yet sophisticated, a kind of luxury that invites you to arrive barefoot at our overwater signature restaurant; to enjoy the high life without any dress codes, unnecessary rules and stifling pretension.

Your island accommodation is furnished with both modern conveniences and boho-style décor, with top-notch technology and raw natural beauty at your very doorstep. This artistic spirit also imbues our signature experiences with an extra touch of wonder, with immersive activities like macramé making, traditional Maldivian lacquer art, boduberu music sessions and drawing classes inviting guests to engage their creative side.

Get in touch at [email protected] to start planning your escape to ultra-luxury.

The Nautilus Maldives is honoured to be awarded as one of the Indian Ocean’s finest resorts in Condé Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2022. Trade your cool autumn breeze for a tropical celebration with us – with exclusive benefits and exciting perks. Within our mindfully curated packages liberation remains at the core, allowing you to be led merely by our suggestion and interpret them however you please. All including daily sunset cocktails, The Nautilus’ renowned ‘anywhere, anytime’ gastronomic experience and much more.

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The Nautilus Maldives

The Nautilus Maldives

Best Experience:   New Ultra Luxury Resort in Baa Atoll, villas and houses, Family, couples, Beach, Spa, activities

New bohemian luxury, The Nautilus Maldives is a highly exclusive, fully private resort of 26 beach and ocean houses. A privately-owned island in the heart of the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, The Nautilus Maldives will be opening in January 2019 with the serious ambition of being noted as one of the leading luxury resorts in the world. A refuge beyond the bounds of time and expectations, where every moment is tailored to you. A celebration of the individual spirit, The Nautilus gives you space – to share, to meet, to be yourself and to shape your own personal journey. And, most of all, to celebrate the people you’re with, in any way you choose. Read Full Review...

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