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Adaaran Resorts Maldives Launches New Project: 'Save The LUNGS Save The OCEAN'

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18 June, 2020

Adaaran Resorts Maldives has commenced a new sustainability project, Coral Replantation Research Project: ‘Save the LUNGS Save the OCEANS’ on a mission to save the lungs of the planet.

The mission of this project is to save the lungs of planet Earth, the Oceans. The activity was commemorated on ‘World Environment Day’ and ‘World Ocean Day,’ both celebrated worldwide in June with the motive to encourage awareness and action for the protection of the environment and oceans. A fitting tribute to the environment from Adaaran Resorts Maldives.

The group’s this new sustainability project aims towards caring for the environment and giving back to the planet we live in. The longstanding measures taken up by Adaaran Resorts’ sustainability journey started with the Green Dive in the year 2016, by signing the sustainability pledge under water at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi.

Now, Adaaran Resorts Maldives is back again with another worthy venture during this lockdown period, taking the most out of the luxury of time that we have as hoteliers and engaging in sustainability activities to save our beautiful oceans. The research done for the coral project is conducted with the support of our official dive partner “Dive Point” Dive with Friends.

The project was launched on 5th June 2020 while commemorating World Environment Day and the World Ocean Day, which fall during this month. Discarded beds and iron trees were dressed carefully in selected and nurtured corals. The selection of the corals took a number of months when it came to research on the house reef and lagoon. The project is led by resort base leader, Andi.

“Dive Point” Andi counts 9 years of experience in the waters of the Maldives and his work experience spans across Europe, Egypt, the Philippines and Mexico. He is immensely passionate about corals and is in constant search of the best ways to regenerate corals in a sustainable manner.

“Corals are very sensitive and beautiful creature that can be found under water and each coral behaves in their own unique way, in tandem with the ever-changing environment,” he said. “We help them to grow and multiply while using different ways to fix corals. The selection process of these corals took quite a while and this included aspect of research on the house reef and lagoon. Soft and leather corals we give dead corals and reef stone as a solid substract and metal cages for the hard corals. We believe that continuous monitoring is the key to the success in their growth.”

Maldives is made up of just 1% land area and 99% being underwater. Beauty remains in this beautiful ‘waterpark’ which one must experience during their stay. All our Adaaran Resorts are Travelife Gold certified and this project will add another milestone to our longstanding sustainability best practices of the resort chain.

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