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mirihi island

24 February, 2022

Welcome to Mirihi Island Resort where Maldives vacation dreams really do come true. It has been amazing February of fabulous weather here at Mirihi with great dives as usual, and many sightings of whale sharks, mantas.

Sightings of large pods of dolphins at sunset cruise were almost guaranteed last week. Dolphins and eagle rays passing by Dhonveli restaurant few times while everyone having lunch, and a pod of dolphins in front of water villas, was extra special.

More and more baby sharks are roaming around the island chasing tiny silver sprats. Threat to poor sprats have increased last year with more bluefin jacks in the lagoon ready to strike any time.

More recently bonitos (very pretty, indeed) are often spotted in the lagoon relentlessly hunting the tiny sprats. That’s the threat from lagoon. From land, in addition to the two grey herons permanently sitting on the beach for a single sprat to take a wrong turn, we now have a dozen of small version of heron, called Maldivian Pond Heron. The number of white-naped terns is increasing too. All predators of the tiny silver sprats.

9.6 out of 10

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We are thrilled to share the wonderful news that Booking.com has awarded Mirihi, Traveller Review Awards 2022 with an astonishing score of 9.6 out of 10. A huge thank you from the entire Mirihi Team to our lovely guests who reviewed our island and our services on Booking.com and other platforms. Accolades such as this motivates us to work even harder to keep Mirihi as unique as you. 

This is without a doubt a remarkable proof of the amazing Mirihi Team’s dedication in consistently delivering personal services to meet the expectations of our valuable guests despite the challenges of ongoing pandemic. 


Valentine's at Mirihi

19 years of being 'as unique as you'

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It has been a wonderful journey over the last 19 years for this little Paradise. Mirihi is proud to have a great number of guests who have been visiting us over the last 19 years. We have received numerous accolades over the years from online platforms and from the government of Maldives too. Our services have competed with the best of the best in the Maldives and in the world, having won the 7th best of the world on TripAdvisor in 2007 and 13th best in the world in 2021. Most importantly, the compliments we get from our lovely guests especially to our Team has been amazing and that is what motivates us the most. 

Even though our ownership has changed after 15 years, we continue to strive to be unique and build on the legacy of our former owner Ms. Amy Stierli. We are as well grateful for our current owner Khun Vicha’s appreciation for our unique service and philosophies.

Here are some memories from the official opening of Mirihi on 27th January 2003 by the then President of Maldives.

Welcome back Alexa

We are very excited to welcome back our former Front Office Manager, Alexa Viola Stoschek as our new Rooms Division Manager. With her wealth of knowledge of Mirihi and her close relationship with the Team and most importantly our guests, we are looking forward to elevating the standard of our personal services to new heights.  


Update from the Nursery

Mirihi's Coral Nursery has been doing amazingly well with corals growing much better than we previously expected. Susan and the Team have been busy transplanting new corals on various parts of the reef. Just this month we managed to take out over 190 corals out of the nursery and back on to the reef. 27 new small fragments have been placed on to our smaller platform. These are the start of the second generation in the nursery. Hopefully they will be ready for transplanting in 12 month time.

coral Nursery

Our two Dhandehelu of the Year 2021

One of the most celebrated personalities of the Maldives history must be the heroic man named Dhandehelu from the island of Dhuvaafaru. Popularly known as Dhuvaafaru Dhandehelu, he became a legend for the role played alongside the national hero Muhammad Thakurufaanu and his brothers in their battle to drive out the Portuguese who ruled over the Maldives from 1558-1573. Dhandehelu is portrayed in Maldives history as a vigilant and valiant person, just like the members of Mirihi Team. 

Every month and once a year we honour two of our heroes who went above and beyond their normal duties to make sure our guests, the Team and our little paradise are well taken care of. 

Congratulations to Mariyam Shuhooda - Mirihi Airport Lounge Hostess, for winning Dhandehelu of the Year 2021 from Front of the House. Ever since Shuhuda joined us in March 2006, she has been one of the most important member of our Team. With not a single complaint from a guest for over 15 years without anyone to supervise her, she has consistently delivered amazing service to our guests on arrival and on departure. She has been the first member of our Team to meet our guests and has always managed to give a wonderful first impression of Mirihi to all. We highly appreciate her role in making Mirihi as unique as you and wish to have her in our Team for many many years to come.

From Back of the House, winner of Dhandehelu of the year 2021 is Dhanushka Fernando - our Yogi as well as the in-house Artist. After joining Mirihi in November 2013 as a Cook and Artist at our Cold Kitchen, Dhanushka shown us his keen interest in Yoga. Because of his dedication to Yoga, Mirihi sent him for training in an Indian Ashram to learn the techniques from the masters. After that, he moved out of Kitchen and started full-time as a Yogi and has been giving amazing Yoga sessions to our guests for the last four years. Dhanushka is also a very talented artist who is behind all the art pieces and paintings on the island.

meet face

Sudath's 'Canary Diamond' Cocktail


  • 40 ml Tequila Orange
  • 20 ml Peach Liquor
  • 10 ml White Port
  • 20 ml Lime Juice
  • 20 ml Mango juice
  • Mix all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker
  • Pour the drink in a tumbler 
  • Garnish with charcoal salt and a mint spring
Tequila Orange

Did you know?

Mirihi Team has 145 members. 12 of them (8%) were here when we opened in 2003. 32  members (22% of the Team) have completed 15 years in Mirihi as of today. 52 (36%) of us have been members of Mirihi Team for over 10 years. 73 (50%) have been part of the Team for over 05 years.

Mirihi the team


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Mirihi Island Resort

mirihi island

Best Experience: for Honeymoon, Beach, Value, Diving, House Reef Snorkelling

Combining modern and traditional elements, the small paradise has been freshly renovated and reopened in December 2014 with a new shine, but still maintaining its unique Maldivian character. Due to its size and limited number of Villas, Mirihi is considered as being one of the smallest islands in the Maldives and offers 37 villas, and has its own and unique style, filled with luxury and comfortable features that you can expect from any large 5 * resort. With one of the best house reefs in the country, snorkeling in Mirihi is an easy necessity. Discover the beauty of marine life with a night dive, or with whale sharks and manta rays trips. At Mirihi, you do not need to be a diver to discover the magic of the Maldives at its best. Mirihi under water is just another world.  Read Full Review....

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