Featuring a restaurant, Bathala Island Resort offers accommodation in Male. The rooms include a private bathroom

Bathala Island Resort

Best Experience: House Reef Snorkeling & Diving, Beach


Paradise for divers and fans of snorkeling, Bathala Island Resort is a beautiful tiny resort that today changed its management and returned to its roots. It seems that he will again be strong and healthy.

For most of his life Bathala Island was a German diving island one of the original and the best. Then it attracted many Italians, who preferred a completely different kind of experience. The combination did not work very well, diving disappeared as unnecessary and the nature of the resort changed but not for the better.

With the change of management to the experienced Maldivian company AAA Hotels & Resorts and the new dive center under the leadership of the great Werner Lau, the resort is again focused on generous treats of divers and snorkelers from around the world (though mostly from Germany and the UK).


Two nearby world-class dive sites are protected marine reserves: the Maaya Thila, which is best described as the "capital of the white reef sharks in the Maldives," and Fish Head with nicknamed is the "capital of the gray reef sharks of Maldives." The latter was also recognized as one of the top 10 dive sites in the world. In addition at least once a week, at the right season, the dive center offers trips to see manta rays and sharks-hammers. READ MORE ABOUT DIVING

Independent diving on the house reef is a regular and useful activity, with overhangs and caves. Being inside the channel, the island attracts many big fish rising from the depths and patrolling water around the reef. Common house reef's sights are sharks, eagle rays, tuna, turtles and curious Napoleon wrasse.

Bathala's house reef is still considered one of the best and most beautiful in the country. With magnificent coral gardens and a variety of fish in shallow water, it is ideal for an exciting snorkelling.

If this is not enough, the island also has a stunning beach. The sand strip is wide, white and deep almost along the entire island. In fact, all the bungalows offer a beautiful view of the beach and turquoise lagoon, providing ideal places to relax on the veranda in the shade, and just a few steps for sunbathing. Even when the resort is full, the atmosphere around your room seems calm and quiet.

All 46 rooms have been recently renovated. On the offer there is only one category of accommodation, and the rooms remain simple and clean, with all the necessary and nothing extra. There is an unusual pleasure to settle in your round bungalow under a thatched roof. The walls are made of coral stone from the time when exactly all the rooms of the resort were built. A charming echo of the original Maldives. And since the rooms were renovated, the island is also. After years of oblivion, it's certainly great to see flowers bloom again and green vegetation melt, and the island becomes even more attractive.

Bathala is located in North Ari Atol and can be reached either by air taxi or by speedboat. Transfer by seaplane takes about 25 minutes. With a speedboat expect to lose about 1.5-2 hours.

The hotel has only one restaurant, meals are buffet style. An à la carte menu is available upon request. The related resorts Filitheyo and Medhufushi can boast excellent cuisine, but Bathala should not disappoint you. And there is only one bar. Once a week there is one disco, and other entertainment is table tennis, chess, darts and carr, along with badminton and beach volleyball. Expect to go everywhere barefoot, including a restaurant and a bar.

This and you will obviously soon realize the simple, no-frills resort that provides all the tastes of the original Maldives: solitude, relaxation, snorkelling and diving in a tropical paradise.

Planhotel Hospitality Group has taken over Bathala Island Resort, with plans to reopen the resort in 2019 under the Swiss hotel chain’s Sandies Hotels & Resorts brand after a major upgrade.

Planhotel Hospitality Group took over Bathala from local hotel group AAA Hotels & Resorts, which had been operating it as a three-star resort since 2011.


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