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Updated June, 2023

You already know that pristine beaches, abundant marine life and tropical climate make Kuramathi Maldives the ideal vacation getaway.

But have you heard that Kuramathi has a host of excellent restaurants and bars offering a range of cuisine to suit all palates. Whether you visit Kuramathi for a romantic getaway or a family seeking to enjoy quality time together, be sure don't miss out on world-class culinary offerings. You'll be spoilt for choice.

From the a sumptuous Lobster dinner to the international food, we combed the island to locate the tastes you shouldn’t go home without trying.

All you can Eat at Haruge, Malaafaiy and Farivalhu

Pampering Yourself at luxury Spa

Nestled in different parts of the island, all theme buffets style these three restaurants serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are on the basic AIl Inclusive then you can change the restaurants over the Island and the themed nights rotate, so you could have the amazing culinary adventure more than once. The Select All Inclusive allows you to eat in the other restaurants also but mosy guests don't see the need for it.

Breakfast is continental with a wide selection of cereal, fresh pastries and bread, fresh fruits, juices, and a live cooking station offering eggs, waffles and pancakes prepared to your liking. Lunch is a light fare featuring a variety of salads and sandwiches, whilst themed buffets from all around the world (Asian, Italian, Middle-Eastern, European, Mexican, Surf-n-Turf, Maldivian...) are offered for dinner. Every meal has a number of chicken, beef, pork, fish and vegetarian options so there is always plenty of choice.

You'll find the service at all the restaurants fantastic, the staff are so friendly and go out of their way to please.


Located on the sunrise beach Haruge is all about huge high ceilings and a nice open air feeling. There is a large amount to choose from every day, and different theme nights so that the menu is varied. We’d say for your evening meal, there are at least 15 or so different main courses to choose from, and everything is delicious and beautifully presented. At breakfast, you could have everything from cereal to pastries to hot food, the same at lunch. The desserts are lovely too, and the view from the beachside tables is truly amazing. The waiting staff can do enough for you, and there are loads of different drinks to choose from – the all-inclusive never fell limit at all - as much as you can eat.


With an excellent location right in the heart of the island overlooking the blue lagoon Malaafaiy restaurant is really good and the food is amazing and changes every day with so much choice that you never get bored with what they had to offer. The chef and waiting staff is very friendly.


With a beautiful setting overlooking the Indian ocean, you will not be disappointed with the variety, quality and freshness of the food served at Farivalhu buffet restaurant every day. Top quality food which is on par or exceeds standard of 5-star buffet restaurant in the Maldives, and the theme change every night. Our personal favourite: Maldivian / Sri Lankan Night.

Thai Food experience at Siam Garden

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Eating Thai food is a fun part of your dining experience in Kuramathi Maldives. Possibly the most romantic place for food, Siam Garden offers an extensive menu of classic Thai dishes from the four regions of Thailand in a comfortable sala of a lush garden. The menu includes a wide variety of seafood, fish, vegetarian, beef and chicken dishes as well as juicy fresh fruits, desserts and Asian herbal teas .

Sample the very best of the Thai cuisine offerings: Tom yum goong (spicy shrimp soup), Som tum (spicy green papaya salad), Tom kha kai (chicken in coconut soup), Pad Thai (Thai-style fried noodles) or Gaeng keow wan kai (green chicken curry). Siam Garden is open every evening for dinner and hosts a ‘Discover Thai Food’ buffet once a week.

Taste of India at Tandoor Mahal

water willa with pool

Don’t miss Tandoor Mahal! Its vibrant Indian food scene offers the full range of regional styles and specialities – from Bombay biryanis to Punjabi grills – with a Bollywood symphony of fantastic flavours.

Surrounded by the lush gardens, the restaurant offers guests the chance to experience traditional tandoori cooking with some delicious curries, rice and an assortment of Indian breads.

Service is super-slick but friendly and the menu has plenty of standouts from the dense lamb keema served with buttered pao buns to the Goan-style stone bass tikka, to the moist, chunky lamb biryani, and – of course – the rich, mellow dhal. Try the rich, warmly spiced crab masala, served with claws and all.

Tandoor Mahal is open for dinner every night and features a ‘Discover Indian Food’ buffet once a week. Tandoor Mahal is also darned affordable by Maldivian standards – and it’s great fun.

Feast on Seafood at The Reef

wind surfing course

Ideal for a romantic and intimate dinner with excellent service, The Reef is Kuramathi's signature seafood dining experience. Perched over the turquoise lagoon with amazing ocean views, the overwater pavilion provides guests fresh catch from the Maldivian waters and quality seafood imported from abroad.

Seafood seasoned with international influences, as well as a setting oozing with casual elegance, contribute to the great experience. Other options are available on the menu too, though the dazzling seafood feasts created by talented chefs are definitely what we recommend as a first choice. Try Crab Crusted snapper, Lobster risotto or Kuramathi Seafood platter packed with Lobster, Tuna, Calamari, Scallops, Octopus, Reef Fish. The Reef is opened for dinner and adults only. Advance booking recommended.

Dynamite Mussels at the reef restaurant

In 2023 The Reef introduced new recipes that take a page from Japanese cuisine. Under starters is Dynamite Mussels, an oven-baked New Zealand green lip mussel stuffed with spicy dynamite sauce and garnished with tobiko (flying fish roe) and spring onion. Joining the list of main dishes is the Chirashizushi, rice topped with raw salmon and tuna seasoned with soya sauce, wasabi caviar & wakame.

Authentic Japanese flavors at Kobe

An over-water teppanyaki dining experience

Experience the lively and delectable world of Teppanyaki dining set in a beautiful Kobe overwater restaurant with ocean vistas in the background. The heart of this speciality restaurant is the flat, smoking iron griddle where the skilled Teppanyaki Chef enthrals you with a theatrical act. Witness magic unravel before your eyes, as the chef concocts one dish after the other.

Relish mouth-watering Teppanyaki grills of Beef Rib Eye, Fruit Flambé, and fresh seafood including Prawn, Lobster, exciting bites of sushi and sashimi, innovative dishes, or savour seared salmon right from flame-hot wok. Classics like Beef Wagyu and Mushroom and Tofu Soup are also on the menu. Chilled or hot sake is a must on the side! Kobe's teppanyaki grill set menus offering outstanding value and an unforgettable dining experience with your loved ones!

Delicacies at Palm restaurant

Dolphins Spotting family adventures

Opened from dawn to dusk Palm offers an eclectic collection of sensational culinary delights from the Mediterranean shores and the place to get the most amazing ice cream. The menu features island-grown salads, antipasti, pasta, traditional Italian pizza with crispy thin crusts, and homemade ice cream featuring both tropical and classical flavours. Lunch in the Palm is a lovely change from the buffet and a real treat if you finish with the amazing ice creams.

We highly recommended their collection of classical European fish ragout recipes also. The four unique dishes created by the creative food production team at Palm comprise of Belgian, Spanish, Italian and French influences on reef fish caught fresh in the Maldivian waters and served piping hot on a special terracotta plate. The idea is to present the taste of classical European ‘fisherman’ recipes paired with locally caught fresh fish of the Indian Ocean, savoured under the towering coconut trees of Palm.

With the coming of sunset, Palm turns to ice cream parlour and bar . Expect an intoxicating mix of yummies, wine, culture and ‘joie de vivre’.

Recently the fine restaurant has announced exciting new additions to its menu for its delectable Mediterranean creations and al fresco dining ambiance.

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Epicurean adventure at Duniye

Duniye restaurant

Opened for dinner only, Duniye is the Kuramathi's signature fine dining venue. Uncover the best of Maldivian cuisine with an artistic twist brought to yours plate while preserving the potpourri of authentic flavours. Feast on carefully handpicked array of starters and well-acclaimed wines. Travel your taste buds to the sensational world cuisines as you embark on this gastronomic adventure.

Honouring the art of epicurean dining, Duniye is not simply a restaurant, but it is an idea shared at Kuramathi. The word itself reflects the world presented as a blend of culinary experiences. From the coasts and pebbled pathways of Europe to the secrets of the Far East, each recipe tells an excitingly unique story. Your hosts are a team of dignified women flaunting quality skill and ability to present the experience that is, Duniye.

In 2022 Duniye introduced exciting additions to the vibrant roster of culinary venues on the island, bearing the best of the world’s flavours in one epicurean setting. New entries under starters include the Miso risotto with shimeji mushrooms, Angus Beef tartare roll, and Shrimps croquettes with homemade smoked shrimps followed by the truffle-flavoured Chestnut cream soup with foie gras.

The main courses brim with an array of novelties such as the Flavours of Provence, a heaping of seafood and fish in fennel sauce and saffron, oregano-marinated Tiger prawn, sweetbread stuffed Veal filet, braised Pork belly with octopus in Chinese black vinegar dressing, and the varied yet tasteful iterations of lamb; crispy braised, oven-roasted, or pan-fried.

Even with its far-reaching dishes, Duniye pays homage to the local cuisine with its renditions of Maldivian dishes such as the Muranga Tholhi Kiru Garudhiya, a curried poached chicken with green mango condiments. A slew of irresistible sweets completes the inventive line-up such as the Mango & passion souffle, and the spectacular truffle to name a few.

Apart from the tasteful recipes you can pair old world, new world and dessert wines to fully complement the experience. The desserts itself wrap up the show with creative masterpieces in chocolate, bustling array of tropical touches, and even a pre-dessert item served complimentary.

East Meets West at Inguru

Inguru  restaurant

Opened for luch and dinner, Inguru offers serene surroundings coupled with a variety of Asian cuisines with a light Western twist. You can enjoy light dining options during the day and exquisite Asian Fusion cuisine for dinner with the stunning ocean as the backdrop.

The restaurant boasts a romantic location of an open-air terrace perched on stilts above the impossibly blue lagoon and take our word for it - Inguru will be a pleasure to be experienced more than once.

Octopus salad at Inguru  restaurant

At Inguru, diners are regaled with playful cross-overs of cuisines featuring its latest fusion dishes, such as the Inguru Summer Salad and Octopus. Italian-style marinated baby octopus served in a bed of herbs and garden greens, chorizo, avocado cream and drizzled in mango-citrus vinaigrette.

Defying conventions are entrees such as Steamed Maldivian Reef Fish steeped in coconut sauce which is reminiscent of the Brazilian moqueca or fish stew, Roasted Indian Tikka-style Marinated Reef Fish Fillet fired up with a side of Malaysian sambal, Crispy Duck Leg Confit in Khao Soy sauce and the Seafood Udon Noodle Paella Style.

Island Barbeque

beach dinner for two

Set right on the beach with views out to the sea and the infinity pool, this 'farm-to-table' restaurant serves charcoal grilled meat, flambé dishes, and a selection of island grown organic greens. High-quality meat is cooked to your desires, complemented with traditional barbeque side dishes and matured fine wines.

Enjoy best drinks at Bars

Kuramathi house reef

Six bars around the island offer mouth-watering cocktails, fresh fruit smoothies, a comprehensive international drinks menu and exquisite fine wines are on offer, complete with beachside service day and night. Plant your toes in the sand, order a cocktail, and prepare for the hours to slip by at these bars at Kuramathi Maldives. During Happy Hours from 18:00 to 20:00 hrs, guests can order our discounted cocktails. After sunset there is evening entertainment including live muisic and movie nights. Whatever your mood you’ll find something to suit your taste and keep you coming back for more

Fung Bar

A lovely spot to chill out and enjoy fabulous drinks any time of the day. An open-air disco is available for enthusiastic dancers. Set right on the beach, Fung Bar is open until the last guest leaves.

Dhoni Bar

Dhoni Bar is an excellent place to unwind whilst enjoying panoramic views across the dazzling waters of the ocean.

Laguna Bar

Kuramathi's hot spot at the far end of the island, Laguna pool bar is place to go if you want to relax on the large outdoor decks with a refreshing drink or plunge into the infinity pool. Listen to groovy tunes from a resident DJ every night during sunset.

 Pool Bar

This bar near Kuramathi spa serves a wide range of thirst-quenching drinks including delicious freshly blended fruit shakes at the pool bar. It’s the perfect place to relax after your excursions or workout at the gym.

Sand Bar

Settle in comfy bean bags at this relaxing bar just steps away from the beach and Drift disco. Stargaze whilst savouring your favourite cocktail.

Havana Club Wine & Cigar Bar

beach dinner for two

Old World or New – Havana Club is great for a drop of the good stuff. This elegantly appointed air-conditioned bar serves an eclectic selection of wines from around the globe, and premium brands of cognac and other alcoholic beverages. With cosy, lounge-style settings, this sophisticated bar that are great for date night or hangout where wine is the drink du jour. Discover everything from natural wines to grapes from far-flung vineyards, plus service from knowledgeable, approachable staff.

The finest of international cigars including handmade Cuban cigar is also available. Havana Club is an ideal location for night cap or a late evening get together. Those who wish to feel like a star for a night must try the karaoke.

Sip a glass of bubbly at Champagne Loft

beach dinner for two

Nothing feels more like a luxurious treat than a flute of champagne. And what a fun experience to kick back and sample than in Champagne Loft. Adults only spot, this intimate champagne bar offers over 40 different labels of champagnes, varieties of sparkling wines, and several brands of white spirits. Add in the unbeatable views of the Indian Ocean for a truly romantic atmosphere.

Celebrate in style at Sky Bar

beach dinner for two

Sky Bar blends privacy and luxury in a sky high setting. Installed 7 metres above sea-level, Sky Bar is purely designed for sheer privacy melded in comfort and luxury. Choose from six different packages for a tailor made evening with your beloved, or with a group of close companions. At Sky Bar, you have the opportunity to see shooting stars from a starry Maldivian sky.

Sky Bar can be booked privately for two or three hours with a customisable environment and themes based on guests’ requests. Preferred pricing is available for guests who are already booked on either of the all-inclusive packages, while a butler is assigned to keep the drinks flowing as you escape into an evening filled with rich conversations and cheerful laughter.

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Private Dining Experiences

beach dinner for two

Celebrate your anniversary, toast to your new-found love or propose to your significant other in unbelievable settings, featuring sumptuous menus designed to suit every occasion. The Private Dining Experience provides an exquisite settings with sweeping views of Indian Ocean, immersing guests in a truly multisensory dining experience. Carefully crafted dishes and innovative beverages complete the experience.

Private Gourmet Journeys – an intimate dinner for two, a dreamlike experience for romantic couples - is must-do!

Combine great food and ocean views to start the day in style at Kuramathi Maldives. Paradise stays are even more alluring as Kuramathi serves a unique island experience by launching the most beautiful floating breakfast.

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