Find Hidden gems of the Maldives five minutes away from Veligandu Island

Things to Do in the Maldives

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Book Your All Inclusive Vacation and save 25% in Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts, Maldives
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some exciting adventures to try in maldives, 2024

05 May, 2024

Are you looking for some exciting adventures to try during your visit to Maldives? An adults only getaway, Veligandu is a top romantic beach resort in the Maldives where you can be as relaxed or as active as you like. The island offers plenty of things to do on the land, but if you crave more unique experiences, here are five of the top recommendations by the Veligandu team. These Must-Visit wonders are just 5 minutes from Veligandu.

Manta Rays Cleaning Station

Manta Rays Cleaning Station, Maldives 2024

A large congregation of Manta Rays can be found at The Manta Ray Cleaning Station located just 200 meters northwest of Veligandu, reachable by a 3-minute boat ride. This easily accessible manta sighting spot suits all levels of snorkelers and divers.


Diving with Hammerhead Sharks

Crown & Champa Resorts  in maldives: A GUIDE TO DINING 2024

Diving in Hammerhead Shark Point is an adrenaline-filled deep blue dive experience. This is an adventure only suitable for passionate, advanced scuba divers with excellent buoyancy.

The Madivaru Corner, world-famous Hammerhead Shark Point, is just a 3-minute boat ride from Veligandu. Here, mostly seen are Scalloped Hammerhead sharks traveling in schools. Occasionally, Great Hammerhead Sharks are also spotted. These giant sharks are sighted all year round at a depth of 30 meters. The best time to spot them is early morning, before sunrise; particularly from December to April. The diver must hover in the deep and wait patiently for the hammerheads to appear from the depths.

Tip: A plethora of blue plankton is a surefire sign that the Hammerhead sharks are nearby. Hammerheads pose no threat to divers and feed in deeper waters at night.

Sharks in Maldives

Searching Turtles

Searching Turtles in maldives

The turtle reef is on the east side of Rasdhoo Atoll, between Madivaru Island and Veligandu. Sometimes there is a nice ocean current making it very suitable for drift dive. There is no specific time to spot the turtles. However, there is a high chance of spotting turtles from November to April.

Tip: A plethora of jellyfish, sponges, and seagrass is a surefire sign that a turtle is nearby. Batfish are often seen around turtles because they love to feed on sea turtle poop.

Wonder Rock Snorkeling Expedition

Wonder Rock Snorkeling Expedition in maldives

The Wonder Rock is a twin coral rock formation in the crystal-clear lagoon of the breathtaking sandbank, Madivaru Finolhu. You can reach this wonder in 5 minutes via a speedboat from Veligandu. Here you are guaranteed to find Bluestripe Snapper, Lionfish, Moray eel, Anemone fish, Blue Surgeonfish, Glassfish, and many more colorful fishes. Often our snorkelers have spotted turtles and stingrays here. Our expert team member will be your snorkel buddy and guide you throughout the exploration. This fascinating expedition is suitable for beginner to advanced-level snorkelers.

Maldives Snorkeling Guide

Dolphin Sighting and Dolphin Cruise

Dolphin Sighting and Dolphin Cruise in maldives 2024

Join the Sunset Cruise and dance with the Dolphins under the sunset hues on a traditional Dhoni.The possibility of seeing dolphins are all year round but the best time is during or right before sunset between November to April when the sea is calm. The likelihood of seeing dolphins in the open ocean depends on the weather. The dolphins tend to hide if the ocean is rough and in June to August, the dolphins tend to hide away in the deep sea. There are two to three spots around Veligandu where you can spot an abundance of dolphins swaying and twisting. The dolphin show starts around 6 pm and is 3-5 minutes from Veligandu.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to observe these majestic creatures and unique experiences in their natural habitat. Remember, you have never completed your visit to Veligandu until you have explored these wonderful wonders near the island.

Crown & Champa Resorts  in maldives, 2024

THE NEW VELIGANDU: Discover the natural, seclusion, and luxury. Enjoy an exclusive preview of the rejuvenated Veligandu, poised to unveil its splendour once again when it reopens its doors in November 2024.


Following a comprehensive renovation, We're thrilled to announce the grand reopening of Veligandu Maldives Resort Island in November 2024. Nestled in the North Ari Atoll, this idyllic retreat offers 100 tastefully appointed villas on the beach, over water and with private pools overlooking the ocean. Named after its picturesque sandbank, Veligandu promises an unforgettable experience amidst vibrant house reefs, a nearby Hammerhead shark point and unparalleled natural beauty. Guests can enjoy 40% savings on accommodation with the Veligandu reopening offer.


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