10 Best Restaurants in Ukulhas

10 Best Places to Eat in Ukulhas

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Updated December, 2023

Ukulhas is all about crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, house reef snorkeling and amazing water adventures. One of the best destinations for budget holidays in the Maldives, this beautiful island of Ari Atoll offers a lot to do and see. With such a wide choice of activity, travelers will be happy to know that Ukulhas is also an excellent place for your food experience. Each guest house and hotel has its own restaurant or cafe, often overlooking the sea, serving delicious Maldives food and international dishes, including fresh seafood and fish. Outside the hotel you will also find many good places to eat, where you can enjoy the tastes and aromas of local Maldives cuisine at cheap prices. Best of all, all these popular Ukulhas restaurants are in a short walk from your hotel, provide excellent service and serve quality food in large portions.

Discover the best restaurants in Ukulhas with our Top 10 guide below. Whether indoors, outdoors, on the beach or places that blur the line between the two, there are plenty of restaurants with sumptuous selections. There is something for everyone regarding food in Ukulhas; from long-established restaurants to new comers you will surely find a venue for your taste and budget in the list below.


1 Olhumathi Restaurant

Olhumathi Restaurant

Best Seafood Restaurant in Ukulhas Island, Olhumathi is set near to the bikini beach. Along with the Asian and Local, the menu also has local Maldivian and International cuisine that too at an exceptional value for money and also is renown as the best seafood place on the island. With great food and good service they serve both a la carte and buffet and accommodate an incredible dining experience for both groups and families. Whether you are having breakfast, lunch or dinner, this restaurant is the first on the list, thanks to the hearty dishes, cooked to perfection. Thу menu offers around 8 different fish and seafood dishes and each is just yummy. Highly recommended octopus salad. Also there is Indian food. It's a good place to enjoy chicken tikka masala if you are a fan. The prices comparing to other restaurants are appealing. Quiet location and close to the beach the staff always has a smile for you.

adress: Olhumathi View Inn
Opening Hours: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 
Menu: Seafood, International, Indian, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options. Download menu
tel: +960 993-3521

2 Retro Royal

Retro Royal

If there is one thing Ukulhas is famous for, it’s the abundant sea life surrounding the paradise. Located in the northern corner of Ukulhas island near the school, Retro Royal is indeed a haven for seafood lovers and epicureans in general who can indulge themselves in a great choice of seafood delights prepared according to their taste. The menu has wide selection of dishes such as freshly grilled fish or garlic prawns with fish steak, calamari, chili octopus plus chips, rice and salad. Even a simple dish as fish & chips is tasty and fresh. If you’re dining in a small group, take advantage of the seafood platter which combines the very best food from the ocean. They also have a great selection of fresh juices and a great espresso coffee. The service is very fast and atmosphere fantastic.

adress: Ukulhas, Bodumagu, nearby school AA.Ukulhas, 09030
Opening Hours: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, brunch
Menu: Seafood, Indian, Cafe, Asian, Healthy
tel: +960 757-7066

3 Fisherman Boat Restaurant

Gunbaru Inn

Set in West Sands' grounds, Fisherman Boat is the hotel's main restaurant. The ambience is very unique with a rustic feel. You can enjoy the boat-shape wooden table and fresh food. The food is excellent and lots to choose from - either the buffet or a la carte. They have has a real international menu with choices of salads, mains and very delicious desserts for lunch and dinner. Fisherman's Boat offers a huge buffet for all tastes. Different than other local restaurants you get to pick from the buffet - including salads, fruits, drinks, soups, fresh grilled fish, rice, pasta, desserts, coffee, tea, curry. Food is expensive in Maldives but this is definitely worth the money compared to other local restaurant. You get a little bit of everything. Excellent Italian coffee also available here. The staff are very friendly and accommodating. We highly recommend this restaurant for everyone visiting Ukulhas.

placeWest Sands, Ukulhas 09030, North Ari Atoll
Opening Hours: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 
Menu: Buffet, Seafood, Indian, Asian, Healthy, Vegetarian
tel: (+960) 965-1515

4 Paguro Cafe

Paguro Cafe

Serving buffet and à la carte meals, Paguro Café offers a casual dining atmosphere with an indoor and outdoor setting. The restaurant's menu ia all about home-grown as well as international gastronomy. Inspirations from all over the world give it a unique character that cohesively blend with the diverse cultures that visit Ukulhas. The restaurant is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and facilitates Room Service for guests upon requests. Banquet on special offers and indulge in true Ukulhas experience while sipping your coffee listening to the waves break on the sun terrace. Select from the typical breakfast collection to include eggs, pancakes, fresh smoothies and fruit to start your day. Lunch and dinner service offers an extensive selection of hot and cold items offering varieties from the America through Europe to Asia intertwined with the spicy savors of India. There is a good selection of wonderful freshly juices, fruits and vegetables!

PlacePaguro Beach Inn, Ukulhas 09030, North Ari Atoll
Opening Hours: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 
Menu: Buffet, Seafood, Indian, Asian, Healthy, Vegetarian
tel: +960-777-7221

5 Central Diner

Central Diner

Located in the middle of theisland's main road, the Central Diner restaurant is 10 mins max from any point of Ukulhas. The chef has worked in resort before, so there is a variety of dishes. Many of the island's guest houses use them to cater their meals, which is another testament to the quality and consistency of their cuisine. Best place to eat Italian cuisine and if you wish to indulge in authentic Maldivian dining experience, look no further as this small yet comfortable eatery offers the best local and Indian dishes in Ukulhas.Portions are huge, however, at times you can get less than usual. Seafood spaghetti is really nice. Curry is delicious and not too spicy. Chilly prawns are delicious, but remember that they are frozen and not fresh prawns to set your expectations. The place isn't gourmet, so we couldn't give 'em 5 stars, but 4 stars is about best any place on the island is worthy of. The service is quick and efficient and prices are very reasonable. 

Place: Vasha Magu, Ukulhas 09030, North Ari Atoll
Opening Hours: Lunch abd Dinner, 
Menu: Seafood, Indian, Asian, take away
tel: +960 996-6991

6 Céleste Restaurant

Céleste Restaurant

If you fancy a bit of luxury then Céleste Restaurant should be must go. The 150-person eatery, located near the harbor, serves magnificent Maldivian dishes plus Asian and European staples. You will be absolutely happy with the fish, seafood, curry and rice choices at the restaurant. Their on-site bakery provides a variety of ultra-fresh sweet and savoury pastries every day. The place is good value for money even if it is marginally more expensive than average.

Place: near Island Home Ukulhas, Vasha Magu, Ukulhas 09030, North Ari Atoll
Opening Hours: 07:00 - 23:00
Menu: Seafood, Indian, Asian, International
tel: +960 772-2922

7 Black Y Garden

Black Y Garden

If you lodging near Ukulhas port, Y Garden restaurant is on your doorstep. The shorts eats or hedhikaa as Maldivians call it, tasted really good, especially the foni boakibaa and the fathi gulha. Set in the garden, the restaurant offers varied local and international dishes, including noodles and lots of salads and desserts. Rasonably priced grilled fish and octopus salad are highly recommend. If you are in Ukulhas and looking for a place to have tea, this is certainly the place to go.

Place: near Ukulhas Ferry Terminal, Vasha Magu, Ukulhas 09030, North Ari Atoll
Opening Hours: 07:00 - 22:30
Menu: Maldivian, Seafood, Indian, Asian, International
tel: +960 797-5040

8 SeaLaVie Café & Restaurant

SeaLaVie Café & Restaurant

Known for its homely atmosphere and welcoming staff, the restaurant is settled in SeaLaVie Inn guest house. Decorated with distinctive tables and chairs, the café's atmospheric lighting and enjoyable background music makes it an ideal dinner spot. Don't be fooled by the exterior, most guests remark that the modest wooden shop truly comes alive as soon as you step inside and it is one of the friendliest places to enjoy a meal. SeaLaVie Café & Restaurant is ranked among the best restaurants on the island due to the top quality of its genuine Thai cuisine, affordable rates and friendly service.

The menu of SeaLaVie Café is definitely oriented toward authentic Thai cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients. Dishes such as Massaman curry, prawn with cashew nuts, sweet and sour chicken, spring rolls or glass noodle salad offer visitors the chance to discover and sample some of the most famous Thai delicacies prepared with love and talent by the chef. You can wash the food with 100% fruit juices are served with ice cubes, hot or cold tea in different flavours or wide choices coffee.

adress: SeaLaVie Inn
Opening Hours: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, brunch
Menu: Thai, Seafood, International, Vegetarian, Coffee
tel: +960 7779439

Check Availability and Prices in SeaLaVie Inn

9 Home Beach Cafe

Home Beach Cafe

This is located on Vasha Magu Street in Ukulhas about 50 metres away from the ferry terminal. With cozy atmosphere and fast service, Home Beach Restauran is a local cafe with air conditioning and nice local vibe. Excellent place to eat. You can get all kinds of food here including cheeseburgers with cheese and vegetables, soups, curry, fresh grilled fish with a taste of soy sauce and light seasonings. From local dishes order Kotta Roshi and rice with chicken. There are delicious fresh fruits and Maldivian sweets. The staff is kind and helpful, especially if they see you're struggling with the menu so get their help if you don’t know what to choose. The food is well prepared and fresh. It is also unexpensive.

Place: near Ukulhas Ferry, Vasha Magu, Ukulhas 09030, North Ari Atoll
Opening Hours: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Menu: Maldivian, Seafood, Asian, International, hedika, desserts 
tel: +960 783-4539

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