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The 10 Most Amazing Places for Travel Photo in Maldives

10 Most Photographed Sites in the Maldives

September, 2020

This list of the 10 most picture-postcard spots in Maldives gives you the freedom to get the most of your holiday in this stunningly beautiful island nation which is blessed with outstanding beaches and crystal clear blue seas. Everyone wants to be in a picture with that perfect, idyllic backdrop and the Maldives offers its visitors unparalleled opportunities to do just that. Whether you are an experienced or amateur photographer, everyone will be able to capture the most wonderful memories of Maldives holiday.

Most of these places are so beautiful that you do not even need professional equipment to take good pictures. It has everything from luxury over-water pool villas to exotic beaches fringed with palm trees to deserted islands to sand banks to the sunsets. Browse through the 10 most photographed sites in the Maldives before to get there then, once shot, share your photos with all of us so that everyone would burn out with envy. You’re sure to find them in the following locations with stunning photo opportunities.

1 Beach

With azure waters, waves licking white sand, colorful umbrellas, spectacular sunsets, and water villas perched in blue lagoon the beach is always a part of your life in the Maldives. The sea, sand, sun and sky are main ingredients of a barefoot luxury holiday and a great playground for romantic photo session.

The following islands, all have clean, white, fine as flour sand, beautifully embracing the round "emerald" of tropical vegetation. And all because their beaches remained untouched. Today, it’s a rare island in the Maldives now that leaves the beach to nature’s course. Learn More


2 Water Villa

A water villa is something that the Maldives cannot be imagined without. One of the best destinations in the world to experience life above the water, the Maldives' over-water villas come in all styles and sizes, from humble water bungalows with hammocks to multi-bedroom retreats with private pools and water slides. Whether you’re a dedicated diver or solo traveler, honeymooner or family group looking to splurge You should definitely try once in a lifetime experience.

You’ve probably seen water villas on Instagram. With amazing views these over-water enclaves and it's surroundings are feature for very “share-worthy” photos. Read More

3 Over-water hammock

No one will argue that the best views of the Maldives should be enjoyed from a hammock only. Installed in the blue lagoon or in your water bungalow, you will feel like yourself so relax, as on a cloud. When you lie in a hammock, flavours, sounds and colors, all combine into a complete existence, and the rightness of being here, the significance of now. This is not escapism, this is acceptance.

4 Sandbank

Do you love the typical photos of amazing small white sand islands in heart of crystal blue lagoons of the Maldives? The Maldives’ iconic sandbanks have something magical about. These tiny sandy spots offer the variety of experiences for every in Robinson Crusoe style. Besides stunning sea views in the heart of the shallow lagoon you can swim, snork with a colorful fish, play, fun, sunbathe, or dine and drink with BBQ. There is almost nothing it can’t be used for. For the most picture-perfect memories, you can make most beautiful selfies or even have drone footage taken!

5 Underwater Restaurant

Fine underwater restaurants are the most unique dining experiences in the world and not every day you can say you ate with the fishes. Imagine feasting on oysters while submerged beneath the Indian Ocean, or sipping Dom Pérignon with the company of a sea turtle. No matter you want to have a romantic dinner with your beloved one or take your family for a very special lunch, the series of shots in the underwater restaurant are ready to provide the WOW factor! Read More

7 Pool

The Maldives has an eclectic mix of uber-luxury resorts with stunning swimming pools that offer views of a turquoise Indian ocean and white sand beaches. As the hotel’s centrepiece and icon, swimming pools are as the perfect spot for lazy days in the sun as for fun photo shoot ideas. Read More

8 Sea Plane

Seaplane transfer is the fastest way to reach your hotel in the Maldives. With the world's largest fleet of seaplanes, Maldivian Air Taxi and Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) operates flights from Male International Airport to island resorts. Seaplane is the preferred mode of transport between the main Velana International Airport and dozens of resorts, especially those located in outer atolls.

Life is a journey and this trip will probably be the most picturesque in your life. Travelling in a seaplane is an experience in itself. Capture the breathtaking setting of Maldives while you fly over the shallow lagoons, tourist resorts and uninhabited islands. The large windows of the aircraft allow tremendous occasions for photography while on board. Read More

9 Outdoor Cinema

Today, more and more resorts in the Maldives are finding stylish ways to keep guests entertained from dawn till dusk. The most properties add a touch of Hollywood to your Maldives experience with spectacular outdoor cinemas set up in fantastic locations. With their spectacular beach or over-the-water settings, the guest enjoy to a memorable under-the-stars movie experience. Just kick back, relax and watch a good old classic while sipping ice-cold cocktails. Popcorn, and gentle ocean breezes are also included.

10 Underwater World

With so an abundant and varied marine life and an excellent underwater visibility, the Maldives is the most fantastic dive destination for underwater photography! No matter you are a beginner snorkeller or an advanced diver when going there do not forget to grab the underwater camera. The best dive sites in the Maldives can capture a big fish, turtles, manta rays, whale shark, a beautiful corals, or macro creatures. Read More Special Deals in Maldives

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