Top 10 Reasons to Travel to the Maldives in 2024

The 10 Reasons Why to Visit the Maldives next Year

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Book Your All Inclusive Vacation and save 25% in Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts, Maldives

Updated December, 2023

Luxury water villa resorts, pristine white sands and a gorgeous marine life make the Maldives a perfect destination for discerning travelers. The independent island nation, located in the Indian Ocean southwest of India consists of 26 exciting atolls with rich cultural traditions and natural treasures. All 1,192 coral islands and islets (200 inhabited islands, as well as 130 islands with resorts) are surrounded by incredibly beautiful lagoons, awarded with crystal clear waters and coral reefs. Each resort in the Maldives is nestled on its own private island and is featured by all the most exclusive hotel brands in the world, competing with each other to offer its guests an even higher level of unprecedented luxury and safety.

Thinking about post coronavirus travel? With the possibility of travel now on the horizon, many people are planning a much needed holiday, in search of a destination where they can feel comfortable and safe and where social distancing is available. Social distancing is effortless and not a new trend in Maldives – it has always been this way. The resorts have always wanted to offer its guests complete escapism, offering a getaway like no other in the world which is untouched by mass tourism.

Here are the 10 reasons why you should include the Maldives in your favorite destinations bucket list in 2024.

1 Maldives is a Safe Haven

Top 10 Reasons Why Maldives should be Your Next Destination

The Maldives unique location, one island - one resort, safety protocols in resorts, safe flights, arrivals & departure prevent contact between locals and tourists as well as tourists between two resorts. So, when you stay at your resort, you have no worries of local spread into the resort. The islands are beautifully socially distanced from the city and the crowd, which makes for a perfect holiday destination post the covid-19 pandemic. Read More

2 Out of this World Hotel Experience

World-Class Accommodation in the maldives

Luxury at its finest awaits those lucky enough to experience the serenity haven that is the Maldives. Visitors to these honeymoon islands are welcomed by a glorious climate and absolutely unparalleled natural beauty. One mega factor in choosing a resort is its location and distance from Male airport. Avid divers who will want to cruise around the top sites are advised to pick a resort within striking distance. The same goes for surfers. The hotels in Malé city are in no way a match for the island resorts, and there are very few reasons to stay overnight in the capital. With truly outstanding beaches and the utmost in luxury resorts, you will have the vacation of your dreams. Read More

3 Gorgeous Beaches

Stunnig Beaches in maldives

Tropical sunshine is guaranteed, and with crystal clear, warm waters, Maldives beaches are a great play ground for a luxury beach holiday. Maldives is known to have some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Research the different beach spots to suit your fancy – sand spit, sandbank or white sand beach, quiet or busy – and plan to spend at least a couple of days to either soak up the sun or frolic in the ocean with your loved one! You can even enjoy some romantic or family hours over private beach BBQ admiring the beautiful ocean.

The following islands, all have clean, white, fine as flour sand, beautifully embracing the round "emerald" of tropical vegetation. And all because their beaches remained untouched. No breakwaters accent the shore, no walls cover the horizon, no other, coarser sand fills the gaps. These beaches flow in a row with the seasons and generally are always wide in many parts of the island, if not all along the perimeter. Read More

4 Honeymoon Paradise

Romantic Surroundings in Indian Ocean

World famed powdery sands, deserted pearl strung islands, and one of the greatest diving destinations on the planet, are charms which naturally catapult the Maldives to the top of most people’s holiday hot list. From the sparkling blue lagoons fringed by swaying palms, to the powder soft sands and balmy year-round temperatures, you really can’t go wrong with a honeymoon here. The Maldives inspire romance too. Perhaps it’s the seclusion of many resort villas, coupled with private dinners, and starry skies that makes this a perfect hotspot for loved-up newly weds. It truly is the closest place to Heaven on Earth. Read More

5 World Class Diving

World-Class Accommodation in the maldives

Snorkeling in Maldives is perhaps the easiest way to enjoy the underwater wonders. Most snorkelling spots in Maldives are also readily accessible – simply bring your mask, snorkel and fins, and hit the house reef.

Scuba diving in the Maldives means diving at one of the worlds best scuba diving destinations, because of the white sand beaches, coral reefs, clear warm waters, dive sites and a thriving and vibrant marine life. Explore excellent dive sites and a collection of underwater gardens. They're abundant with extensive coral reefs and magnificent fish life. It's common to see sharks, turtles, manta rays, whale sharks and a kaleidoscopic range of tropical sea creatures. Read More

6 Exciting Water Sports

Gourmet Dining, at michelin-starred restaurants

With the sparkling sandy beaches and calm blue waters the Maldives has a lot to offer when it comes to the water sports and experiences. The Maldives stands as one of the most exciting honeymoon destinations in the world, and if you are going to Maldives, then you must be looking forward to water sports as well more adventurous side. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing underwater experience or some heart-pumping action on the surface, Maldives will surprise and delight you. So gear up ‘cause its time to select the most thrilling water sports in Maldives for an adventurous holiday! Read More

7 Gourmet Dining

Gourmet Dining, at michelin-starred restaurants

Given the geographic location of the Maldives expect the fish seven times a week. Someone will disappoint, but rice and fish including fresh seafood will be on your table every day. Nevertheless, resorts try to diversify the menu of their restaurants, offering a wide range of international dishes, including Italian, Japanese, Thai, Indian and French cuisine, as well as pastries, sweets and creative desserts. The luxury resort fare in the Maldives is far from the traditional hamburgers or homemade beach BBQ lunches; the island resorts all around the country have become hot spots for the michelin starred chefs to hone their chops and show off their skills. Read More

8 Luxury Spa Experience

Luxury Spa Experience

If the Maldives has not yet relaxed enough, their wonderful and unforgettable luxury spa experience guaranteeing an excellent result makes them even more attractive. The warm, comfortable climate and natural beauty of the Maldives provide a perfect environment for rejuvenating your mind and body with luxurious spa treatments. Luxury spa is a new format for luxury spa resorts in the Maldives with a variety of amenities and exclusive services, where nature itself became the source of inspiration when creating these paradises in the Indian Ocean.

Highly-rated spa and wellness centres can be found in most upmarket resorts, so there are plenty of therapies to choose from. Whether enjoyed beside the ocean or in the zen-like tranquillity of a private spa room, a couple's massage is the perfect way to begin a romantic Maldives holiday. Most spa menus include a seductive range of traditional herbs, wraps and treatments, as well as leading international products and techniques. Read More

9 Great Destination for a Multi-stop Vacation

Best Destination for a Multi-stop Vacation

With almost 1,200 islands, every Maldives resort has one to itself, giving you the ultimate retreat to add a finishing flourish to your holiday in Asia. You can to combine your diverse destinations with a moment of tropical bliss in the Maldives. Some honeymooners choose to spend for a few days in Dubai, India, Singapore, Thailand, and even Bali which are all easily accessible from the Maldives.

Sri Lanka and the Maldives are a classic combination. With short connecting flights from Colombo, you can move from enjoying the wildlife, history and culture of Sri Lanka to laying back, cocktail in hand, on those perfect Maldivian beaches within just a couple of hours.

One of the best times to visit the Maldives is between December and April, when the skies are nearly always clear and blue, making it a great combination with Thailand.

One exciting option is to add a few days in the Maldives onto a holiday in Singapore. Direct flights from Singapore to Male get you to your Maldives resort with ease so you can optimise that relaxed time-out. Find Cheap Flights

10 Unique Snorkeling Experiences

Few places in the world's oceans can boast of ample opportunities for snorkeling. Sharks, rays, turtles and schools of colorful fish expect to be explored on a house reef. If you are looking for a more exciting and almost indescribable underwater experience, then try snorkeling with some of the most gentle giants of the Maldives. Visitors to the Maldives have the chance to swim with manta rays and whale sharks (June to October), thanks to abundant plankton waters in marine parks and reserves such as Manta Point in South Ari atoll and Hanifaru Bay in Baa atoll, UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Read More

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