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Book Your All Inclusive Vacation and save 25% in Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts, Maldives
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Constance Hotels in maldives 2023

02 September, 2023

There are vacations, and then there are the kind of transformative experiences that Constance Hotels & Resorts is renowned for. When picking the Maldives for an unique experience, we offer the discerning traveller an unparalleled view of this tropical paradise.

Here, we guide you to unearth the hidden treasures that transform your stay from ordinary to extraordinary.

North Ari Atoll – Bioluminescent beaches and beyond

North Ari Atoll, also known as Alifu Alifu Atoll, renowned for its pristine coral reefs and captivating crystal clear lagoons is home to the secluded island hideaway of  Constance Halaveli. From here you’ll be able to experience the best of the Maldives has to offer without venturing far from the resort.

Home of the whale shark

Home to some of the Maldives’ most well-known dive sites, the underwater world of North Ari Atoll is simply breathtaking. The waters around Constance Halaveli offer unparalleled opportunities for both scuba divers and snorkelers. Explore submerged caves, drift along coral walls, and interact with a wide array of marine life.

whale shark today

In the turquoise waters of North Ari Atoll is where you will find an abundance of whale sharks, the gentle giants of the sea. Dive beneath the clear waters and discover the vibrant marine ecosystem. Below the shore you will find yourself in the company of these awe-inspiring creatures, known for their docile nature, an experience that truly defines the allure of the Maldives’ underwater world.

Riding the waves

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As the sun glistens across the turquoise waters of the Maldives, embark on a captivating adventure across the picturesque North Ari Atoll in a traditional dhoni boat. A rich part of Maldivian culture, these vessels boast curved hulls and billowing sails used within the culture for centuries. As you island hop across North Ari Atoll discover a plethora of ivory beaches and crystal waters that appear untouched by time.

As the day draws to a close, experience the enchanting sunset paint the whole sky. The dhoni becomes your front-row seat as you watch the sun dip below the horizon and paint the sky in a kaleidoscope of reds, yellows, and purples against the soundtrack of churning waves.

Exploring North Ari Atoll on a dhoni, you contribute to the preservation of a cherished cultural legacy. As the modern world evolves, these traditional boats hold a piece of the past, keeping alive the ways of generations gone by.

Constanse Halaveli

Constance Halaveli presents a world of opulence and indulgence. Immerse yourself in the luxuriousness of the resort, where every detail is designed for the ultimate comfort. From the rooms to the dining experiences, you’ll find excellence in every aspect.

Indulge in luxury dining at Constance Halaveli’s exceptional restaurants. Kaika Sushi, overlooking the beautiful turquoise lagoon, offers a sand-floored sushi bar where guests can witness the creation of their chosen dishes. Meanwhile, Jing restaurant and bar, set along the jetty, fuses Asian and European cuisine, where guests enjoy intimate dinners under the canvas of the night sky.

Feel one with nature while enjoying true bliss in our water villas, floating above the turquoise lagoon. Spacious and adorned with high-raftered ceilings, open-plan living areas, and modern bathrooms, they provide sun-soaked decks and private plunge pools.

For those looking for an escape from it all, the opulent spa at the resort rests on stilts above the gently lapping waters of the Indian Ocean with stunning views across turquoise waters from the treatment rooms. Here you can relax and rejuvenate with personalised treatments from our expert team, using aromatic natural products inspired by plants from the Indian Ocean.

South Ari Atoll

Designed like a perfect semi-circle, the South Ari Atoll, made up of 105 islands, is the magical home to the luxurious 5* Constance Moofushi. South Ari Atoll’s unspoiled natural beauty, pristine lagoons and breathtaking coral reef provide an oasis for all of its visitors.

Beneath the turquoise

The breathtaking home of Constance Moofushi offers crystal clear waters and a diving paradise for marine lovers. Often regarded as one of the best diving spots in the world, visitors can choose from 32 dive sites just a stone’s throw from our resort, including Shark Channel, Himandhoo Thila, Bojamodhi Manta point, Dega Thila, Panettone, Malhoss Thila.

The moment you dip beneath the surface of South Ari Atoll’s inviting waters, you step into an aquatic paradise unlike any other. The turquoise hue conceals a world of wonder that beckons both novice and experienced divers alike. Every underwater adventure promises the unexpected – encounters with curious turtles, elegant manta rays and the ocean gentle giants, whale sharks.

Nestled on the migration route of manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins and sea eagles, you can spot an abundance of wildlife during your visit. Witness manta rays and whale sharks during the South-West Monsoon as they feast on plankton. This chance to see marine creatures in their natural environment is a captivating sight that leaves even seasoned wildlife enthusiasts in awe every single year.

For those who prefer to enjoy marine life closer to the surface, enjoy a trip to a nearby snorkeler’s paradise to experience the awe-inspiring wonders of the underwater world. Take in the breathtaking reef and spot giant porcupine fish, Hawksbill turtles, Anthias and possibly even Napoleon fish or Rays.

As you slip into the waters of Moofushi you will find yourself side by side with a vast ecosystem of underwater life. Encountering any of these gentle animals promises an experience like no other that will stay with you long after your stay.

Immerse yourself in the Maldivian way of life

To enjoy the true experience of all the Maldives has to offer, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Maldivian culture by visiting the local fishing village of Himandoo, an unspoilt beauty, steeped in the traditions of years gone by. From here you can take in the mosque where villagers carry out their daily prayers, view the open-air primary school and see the boatyard where local fishermen get ready to secure their next catch.

Constance Moofushi

In South Ari Atoll, the dining experience is elevated to a level of pure indulgence, with the breathtaking ocean as your backdrop. Taste the catch of the day through dishes crafted from the freshest ingredients, sourced locally and prepared with a touch of gastronomy.

Indulge in barefoot luxury on the ivory sands at Constance Moofushi at the Manta Restaurant, with its ever-changing specialties, guests are surprised by a different cuisine each evening. Or lay back at Alizée Restaurant, nestled by the beach beneath the shade of palm trees, the beach grill offers a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Choose from elegant Water Villas, where sunsets and stargazing await on your private terrace with direct lagoon access. Alternatively, the Beach Villas offer comfort with charming beachside views all with modern amenities.

Prepare for your Maldives experience

The North and South Ari Atolls extend beyond the confines of luxury resorts and water villas; it’s a treasure trove of hidden natural gems that showcase the country’s unique biodiversity, vibrant culture, and rich history. At Constance Hotels & Resorts, we’re committed to ensuring your journey is filled with unforgettable experiences, and our resort teams can make them happen.

Join us to explore these hidden gems and create lifetime memories in the Maldives. Plan your stay before 29th September 2023 and get 45% off your booking at Constance Halaveli or an all inclusive break at Constance Moofushi.


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