Soneva Fushi

Soneva Fushi

Best Experience: Crusoe Villas, Spa, Family Holiday, House Reef Snorkeling

Updated March, 2019

Awarded with white sandy beaches of a private island in Maldives, the Soneva Fushi's eco-chic villas are the material of the romantic fantasies of Robinson Crusoe. Drop your shoes and worries: with an luxury spa, hypnotic house reef and high quality butler services, you will not need anything on this laid-back playground of a beautiful uninhabited island.

A pure find for wealthy aesthetes in search of a luxurious Robinsonade in this ecological resort! Opened in 1995, Soneva Fushi, which ranked among the "World's Smallest Luxury Hotels", remained the only one at Baa Atoll until 1998.

4 reasons to choose Soneva Fushi

Ecological Luxury

Responsibility and sustainability are the core of the philosophy of the resort. The island has one of the largest solar power plants in the Maldives, and the resort has kept the pockets of the island's coastline intact, where sea turtles still lay eggs. Organic products are grown on a local plantation, where possible, and there is even a dedicated waste management and recycling center, and a marine conservation program is in place. DOWNLOAD RESORT MAP

Authentic barefoot luxury! We lived that they took our shoes and played barefoot all week. The island and facilities were beautiful. The food was plentiful and excellent. The staff were outstanding. The kids club, called The Den, was one of the best we've experienced.

The Villas

If Robinson Crusoe could develop hotels - he would have built Soneva Fushi! A total of 65 apartments and villas were implanted in the heart of lush vegetation to ensure maximum privacy for each ones, and most importantly, that it was not visible from the sea. 8 categories of rooms, each trying to outdo the elegance of a neighbor, start with a simple Rehendi from 182 m2 to a huge Jungle Reserve villa of 720 m2, passing by Crusoe villas, apartments or even a villa Soneva Fushi.

Houses are dressed in natural materials and local handicrafts, Robinson Crusoe's 5 * hideaways are perfectly integrated into the surrounding ultra-green environment, and are equipped with top modern facilities. The wood here is a king, with fabrics in warm colors. All this is very successful, and the resort has a collection of rewards, including in 2000 "The President of the Maldives Green Resort Award". Some villas offer a personal butler service.

Sunsets in Soneva Fushi are really unparalleled, but the villas on the side of the sunrise gleam with continuous views of the ocean. All accommodation categories offer plenty of open space, with bathrooms in the garden, comfortable alfresco seating, and rustic-chic interiors made from natural wood and fresh cotton. There is no public swimming pool on the island, so take a villa with a private pool filled with sea water, or take two steps to your own stretch of white sandy beach. The only Retreat Villa (61) extends to two floors with an outdoor dining area that connects the suites to the two bedrooms of this divine abode. The main bathroom outside is equally impressive: with a pond, a flooded bathroom, a bath and a small private gym ... just your own spa.

In 2019 Soneva completed its latest villa at Soneva Fushi, the five-bedroom Villa 37 on the sunrise side of the island.

Set on the island's sunrise side the five-bedroom Villa 37 is 1,823 square metre beach house with main highlight is the 11 metre tall viewing tower, reached by a winding staircase, with a dining table called the Moonlight Table at the summit. This viewing tower is now the tallest point on the island and the ideal spot to take in the panoramic views, sunrises, sunsets, dining experiences and stargazing. The maximum occupancy for this villa is eight adults and four children or 10 adults. Architecturally this villa is very different from Soneva Fushi’s other villas and private residences, and is now the benchmark for all future villa builds and renovations at Soneva Fushi.

The master bedroom is located on the ground floor, and comes with a king size bed, a dressing room with a daybed, indoor and outdoor showers, and an outdoor bathtub sunk into the water feature in the outdoor bathroom. Guests can step straight from the master bedroom and down into the pool. This villa has one more outdoor bathroom attached to the ground floor guest suite. On the first floor are three more guest bedrooms, all of which come with ensuite bathrooms. There is also a guest bathroom on the first floor, as well the TV lounge and a gym. The open plan dining, kitchen, and living area have high ceilings and many windows to let in an abundance of natural light. The support pillars in this large open space, perfect for family gatherings, have been fashioned out of upside down tree trunks with the roots branching out across the ceiling. The ceiling has also been covered in cross sections of tree branches. The breakfast bar is between the open kitchen and the 10-seater dining table. The kitchen comes with its own wine fridge, as well as housing the minibar and a fully stocked pantry. The lights above the bar are suspended from the ceiling on gnarled vines. The living room has a deep, curved daybed that has wooden fish making up the legs and backrest. On the ground floor there is also a library, sauna, shower, steam room, and a guest toilet.

For fun and games guests can take their pick of the pool table or the foosball table. The villa comes with a 344 square metre pool that wraps around the entirety of the front of the villa, which includes a 25 square metre children’s pool and a water slide. There are two sunken seating areas by the pool, one covered and one uncovered, as well as a bridge that lets guests cross from the villa to the sand without having to go around the. Villa 37 being on the sunrise side of the island means that guests will have virtually unimpeded views out towards the horizon, with the neighbouring island of Maalhos being just visible.

Dining Options

There are nine restaurant on the island. With short wooden furniture right on the beach, Mihiree Mitha (meaning "it's here") is a laid-back place for a leisurely breakfast or lunch with your feet in the sand. The breakfast buffet is a generous feast of freshly baked cookies, homemade jams, and scrambled eggs; at lunch, the restaurant turns into a grazing banquet with a barbecue, a hot, and a salad bar, as well as delicious pizzas from a wood-fired oven, and an appetizing pasta bar. A magnificent cellar contains thousands of wines from around the world. All meals are free of charge for kids under six; 7-12 years old receive a 50% discount on food.

Nearby, the Nine restaurant offers dinners with generous buffet tables on tuesdays and fridays. Highly, under a jungle canopy and an open sea breeze, Fresh in the Garden is a new vegetarian restaurantwith a daily changing menu, uses only local products and fresh fish cooked with Maldivian spices and herbs. Before dining at the new vegetarian restaurant, guests take a guided tour of the garden, learning about the herbs, fruits and vegetables while picking dinner ingredients. They gather around a fire pit for an appetizer, then move to tables set beneath fruit trees to enjoy the remaining six courses. Dinner can last late into the night. Shades of Green’s menu will change with the seasons and is based around the colours red, green and yellow. Chef Kyster blends Maldivian and other Southeast Asian cuisines with Nordic culinary techniques, such as salting, smoking, pickling and fermenting. The meal is designed to fulfill six categories: cleanse, raw, crispy, grain, fire and sweet. For example, mangosteen kombucha paired with plums, beetroot vinegar powder and shiso leaves is a cleansing dish. A fire dish contains hotter ingredients, such as leeks and pepper sauce.

Lovers of Japanese and Korean cuisines will receive tidbits in the form of savory snacks, behind one of the table lit by candles at the By The Beach, where daytime catch is turned into delightful culinary masterpieces. Particularly good is the curry crab in a soft shell.

So Hot and So Cool is 60 flavors of ice cream available between 12:30 and 15:00, or can be ordered during the day from the main bar. Refrigerators So Delicate are open from 7:30 to 21:00 and are equipped with ham, cheeses, meats and other canned delicacies, convenient for a snack.

Named after the chef Sobah, the best chef in the Maldives, Sobah's is a traditional local restaurant and is located on a desert island, just 15 minutes by boat from Soneva Fushi.

'Out of the Blue' is the two-storey overwater structure houses five brand new dining experiences, from intimate settings of just five diners presided over by world-famous chefs, to large alfresco shared dining areas. The new launch forms part of Soneva's Festival of Colour, where a different activity is celebrated each month across Soneva's resorts. Soneva Fushi's Out of the Blue is set to further expand upon the resorts already extensive dining options, visiting chefs from around the world will be showcasing their culinary skills and creations for guests year round as part of Soneva's Festival of Colour.

In 2019 Soneva Fushi opened its newest dining outlet, Shades of Green. The restaurant seats 20 and is open from 5.30pm till late. It is located in the resort’s organic garden, with the concept and menu created by Carsten Kyster, a Danish chef who has worked alongside Jamie Oliver at the River Café and Peter Gordon at The Sugar Club in London. The experience at Shades of Green begins with all diners going on a guided tour of the garden to learn about the herbs, vegetables and fruits grown there. They will use all five senses as they pick the ingredients to be used in their meal. All diners are encouraged to examine, pick, smell, and taste the herbs, fruits, and vegetables growing in the garden. After this, the diners gather around a fire pit for the first course before being seated at tables beneath the shade of the pergola and fruit trees. The menu features simple yet experimental plant based dishes, blending Maldivian and Southeast Asian cuisines; which are then prepared using Nordic techniques such as smoking, salting, fermenting, and pickling. The menu celebrates the garden and the season revolving around colours (red, green, yellow), green umami (the fifth basic taste) or around one vegetable prepared in multiple ways. Each menu has six courses with dishes falling under: cleansing, crispy, raw, grain, fire and sweet. There will also be a cold press of the day, flavoured lemonade, fragranced iced tea, and cocktails. Examples of menu items include: aloe vera nam jim, red quinoa porridge, and screw pine fruit lemonade.

You can have fun all night long at the bar, with large pillows right on the sand and deep comfortable wooden chairs, and tables with backgammon and chessboards

The last order is at 22:30. Fresh in the Garden and By the Beach are closed during the evening with a buffet on tuesdays and fridays. Bars are open until the last guest. Dining in the villa can be ordered 24 hours from the menu of any restaurant. The same goes for breakfast. Bare feet and a touch of Nuxe oil on the shoulders - the resort's casual chic spread to the dress code in all of its restaurants. If the dinner under the velvet of the starry sky is not romantic enough, the hotel can also figure out your own secluded nook on the sandy bank of the island.


The almost untouched Kunfunadhoo island is the main attraction of this part of the Maldives, and there is little to do on the island itself, including the enjoyment of the natural charm of Soneva Fushi, and the holistic healing procedures at the exclusive Spa. Soneva Fushi opened the first open-air cinema in the Maldives! In organic gardens, they built an observatory that is equipped with Meade RCX400 astounding telescopev. There are two libraries with a wide selection of light literature and reference books, DVD, VCD and CD for rent. A fully equipped fitness center, table tennis, badminton, tennis, beach volleyball and bicycle rental are also on offer.

For snorkeling, around the island there are four access points to corals; manta and turtles, regular inhabitants of the house reef, and all the days can be easily filled with soft drift above the underwater spectacle of the rich marine life. For guests, the hotel has masks, snorkels and fins, and a local marine biologist can arrange private snorkeling excursions, including night snorkelling, to see octopuses, parrot sleeping fish, lobsters and bioluminescent plankton. There is also a 5 * diving PADI school (Soleni Dive Center) with courses for beginners and certified divers. Around Sonev Fushi, there are more than 30 world-class dive sites with a abundant marine life, that Baa Atoll is so famous for.

Located in the heart of jungle around the pond and waterfall, that set a calm tone for psychotherapy, Six Senses spa is an ideal place after an active activity and the name is absolutely in line with promises. Local coconut is widely used in various procedures and massages, and seminars on massage, meditation, plus daily yoga classes are held. The menu offers a wide choice, from refreshing holistic to traditional procedures, which are carried out by highly qualified doctors using all natural products. Spa programs are complemented by a fully equipped gym, beach spa villas and a pavilion for practicing yoga for wellness therapies such as Tai Chi.

Located in the heart of jungle around the pond and waterfall, that set a calm tone for psychotherapy, Six Senses spa is an ideal place after an active activity and the name is absolutely in line with promises. Local coconut is widely used in various procedures and massages, and seminars on massage, meditation, plus daily yoga classes are held. The menu offers a wide choice, from refreshing holistic to traditional procedures, which are carried out by highly qualified doctors using all natural products. Spa programs are complemented by a fully equipped gym, beach spa villas and a pavilion for practicing yoga for wellness therapies such as Tai Chi.

A little ones will be able to manage the riot in the new children's club The Den. After a day spent in swimming pools, secret passages and exploring a pirate ship, or on water slides, kids will have the most powerful sleep their parents can only dream of. The most popular activities for families in Soneva Fushi: Family picnics and spa options, cooking classes for children and adults, movies, games, fishing, excursions to watch dolphins, snorkeling, water sports. The resort has a wide selection of children's and three-wheeled bicycles, and also masks, fins and water skis for teenagers. Food can be easily adapted to suit the tastes of young guests, and there are babysitting services for those who need it.


In our opinion: This is the first hotel created by Sonu Shivdasani and its partner Eva, a couple that owns the tourism and entertainment industry, and the driving force behind the "back to nature", luxury leisure barefoot. Soneva Fushi - the original sanctuary on the uninhabited island in the Maldives - virtually independently invented fashion for the "village chic". Seriously eco-friendly, its restrained, intellectual luxury makes staying in a hotel really a magical experience ... here they love their guests


Pros: What We Like

  • House reef Soneva Fushi is easily accessible and has a wonderful array of marine life;
  • Each villa has its own stretch of white sand beach, and many rooms have a private swimming pool with sea water;
  • Each bathroom opens onto a private garden, with a special focus on the environment;
  • organic "tree top" restaurant, separate spa suites;
  • Soneva Fushi has its own observatory for observing the stars, the moon and the planets;
  • Soneva Fushi is a large island, and therefore guests are provided with free bicycles;
  • The resort has a number of innovative and original restaurants;
  • Cinema in the open air and a bar with champagne;.
Spacious luxury villas at Soneva Fushi are hidden among dense foliage on a private island, located within the Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is a 30-minute seaplane transfer from Male International Airport.

What You Need to Know

  • Soneva - pioneers of "intellectual luxury" in the Maldives.
  • Ethos Soneva Fushi - 'no news, no shoes' mean that the guests' shoes are taken away as soon as they reach the island;
  • The resort is located on the private tropical island of Kunfunadhoo, Baa Atoll, a 30-minute seaplane flight from Velana (Male) International airport.
  • Baa Atoll is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, with an unusually rich and diversified marine life;
  • In addition to crystal clear waters, white beaches, the island is unusually rich in vegetation offering a unique natural experience.
  • Soneva Fushi does not use motorized water sports.
  • Nearby is a local populated island, visible from the sunset and the feeling of being on an uninhabited island begins to disappear.

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