10 Best Things to Do in Ukulhas

Most Popular Activities in Ukulhas

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Updated December, 2023

The best attractions in Ukulhas prove that there’s plenty of things to do during your budget vacation in the Maldives besides relaxing on its pristine beaches. Ukulhas is an idyllic island destination that provides the ideal balance between convenience and lifestyle. It is an easily accessible location that is just one hour speedboat ride away from Male Airport. At the same time, you can expect a lot of fun as there are plenty of beach/sea activities as well as great food.

Read on for our list of the most popular things to do in Ukulhas Island.

1 House Reef Snorkeling

Arena Beach Hotel - Maafushi

If diving for you sounds too difficult, you will be pleased to learn that the Maldives stand head and shoulders above any other destination in the world when it comes to snorkeling. Snorkeling in Ukulhas is one of the best ways to discover Maldives' underwater world. The island boasts a crystal clear lagoon and a house reef with an abundant marine life. To enjoy the underwater beauties around this tiny island, you only need a mask, snorkel and fins, the last gear is highly recommended because of the currents. The best snorkeling spots are on ​​the reef's border or over drop off area. Expect to see great schools of fish and unique forms of marine life, including macro species, among other curious creatures. READ MORE

2 Eat Like a Locals

Arena Beach Hotel - Maafushi

The cuisine of the Maldives is a rich assemblage of traditional flavors with strong influences from its neighboring countries, such as India and Sri Lanka. In the past, Maldivians depended on essential ingredients such as fish, coconuts, breadfruit, millet and tubers, and over time, with the influence of foreigners from ancient trade and travel, Maldivian cuisine developed a distinctive blend with its own unique flavors, symbolizing a unique culinary identity. What are the must-try food when on Ukulhas? First is Mas Huni - A prevalent food in Maldives, Mas Huni - shredded smoked Tuna, served with grated coconuts, lemon and onions is a must try. The dish is undoubtedly the most popular Maldivian breakfast, eaten with chapati bread called Roshi. Garudhiya (fragrant fish soup), Bis Keemiya (like a samosa and spring roll), Boshi Mashuni (Banana Flower Salad) and Kulhi Boakibaa (fish cake) are worth a try. And of course do not miss the chance to feast on seafood and fish. READ MORE

3 Fishing

maldives big game fishing

Fishing is must do when on Ukulhas! Fishing is one of the key activities in the Maldives and during the day Big Game Fishing almost always brings success. Ukulhas is famous for fishing for yellowfin tuna, although some fishermen like to sit on a reef or hunt for Black Marlin. Reef fishing concentrates on mainly high value fishes such as groupers, jacks, varieties of snappers and green job fish. You can spend a great fishing time with very kindly crew, excellent fishing boat for fishing, big fish and fantastic selfies to have a nice experience.  READ MORE

4 Relaxation on the Stunning Beaches

Relaxation on the Stunning Beaches

Maldives is a paradise and one of the best beach destinations in the world, and it is very difficult to argue with this fact. The only thing you hear on the beach is the whisper of palm trees swaying in the wind, and the hiss of Indian ocean's warm waters licking powdery soft sands. If you like spending your lazy days on stretches of white beaches we are glad to tell that worthy 5-stars, beautiful bikini beach is on Ukulhas' west side with a sunset view. Another, expansive sandy place to swim, play and sunbathe in bikini is on the southern tip of Ukulhas, opposite Paguro Beach Inn, a brand new guest house with very nice rooms. The only thing you have to decide is when to flip over for the perfect, even tan!  READ MORE

5 Manta Safari

Manta Safari in maldives

Experiencing the beauty of the manta ray up close and personal is an experience you will always remember. The manta rays live in the Maldives year – round, migrating from one part of the atoll to another depending on the season. Manta Ray, sometimes referred to as the “Butterflies of the Sea”, these graceful animals are a sight that must been seen in person. Mantas are beautiful sea creatures that live in warm tropical waters. Their side fins have evolved into wide triangular wings with which they use to “fly” through the water. A snorkeling trip to the Manta Ray Point near Ukulhas Island can never be missed to regret while spending a holiday here. READ MORE

6 Scuba Diving

Diving is one of the prime activities in Ukulhas and the island counts has a serious and professional PADI dive centre dispensing courses – from Disvover Scuba Diving to Divemaster – and day trips to the many world-class dive sites available around Ukulhas waters. Ari Atoll provides a full range of underwater adventures, and many divers consider these waters to be the finest in the Maldives. Expect to see carpets of colorful coral, manta rays, turtles, sharks, including whale sharks and other pelagics. Amongst the most notable dive sites of the area, Maaya Thila, Hammerhead Shark Point, Fish Head Thila and Fesdhoo Wreck. READ MORE

7 Romantic Beach Dinner

Arena Beach Hotel - Maafushi

Sometimes a romantic dinner by the ocean is all you need to escape reality for a while and just be in the moment. For a romantic celebration or an exclusive dinner gathering, oceanfront dining on the beach or under the stars presents a great way to experience the Island’s unique location. The experience comes complete with dreamy lights, dazzling ocean views, and a private chef who will take care of everything.

Al fresco dining in the Maldives is a must and Ukulhas offers you the stunning beaches, ocean backdrops and ideal setting for an intimate, romantic evening. 
Surprise your loved one with a private and secluded dinner on the beach, “under the stars” at the water’s edge that you will both remember forever.

For Honeymooners or Couples, we try to pay a special attention, so that the beginning of their married life is as beautiful and as memorable as they could have ever imagined. READ MORE

8 Picnic Island Experience

Arena Beach Hotel - Maafushi

Dreaming to spend a day out around the clear waters of the island enjoying a packed lunch or barbecue, while playing fun beach games? And how about having it on the beautiful picnic islands of Maldives? Picnic islands are small deserted islands that have a balance natural beauty and setup. Fushi is a small island near by, just 1 mile away from Ukulhas. Fushi is one of the favorite place of locals and tourist alike. The picnic island trip gives you more privacy and an environment is more naturally beautiful than a luxury resorts. Enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters, private sunbathing, snorkeling, or a BBQ grill on the beach. So, whether you are traveling solo or with your family, a day out at a picnic island is a must.

9 Sandbank Trip

Arena Beach Hotel - Maafushi

The Sand Banks close by Ukulhas are one of the must to try while spending a Holiday at her in Ukulhas. Sandbank is a tiny island, which is surrounded by amazing and sparkling seas in the most astonishing shades of green and blue shades. There are many sandbanks around Ukulhas Island and that too in different shapes and sizes. The Sandbanks have nothing, but pure and white sand that is encircled with the clear lagoons. You can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing or book it as a private island as a couple. Swimming in the Clear Turquoise water at a Sand Bank can never be forgotten once experienced here in Ukulhas.

10 Luxury Resort Trip

Arena Beach Hotel - Maafushi

Ukulhas is surrounded by some upmarket luxury resorts with a whole heap of activities, dining options and much more. The day visit resort trip is an activity which gives you the feel of how it is like to enjoy a holiday in Maldives resort. Vacationing in Maldives resorts is an experience in many tourist wishlist. However, due to the expensiveness of the accommodation and facilities in resorts, to afford a holiday in these luxurious resort may be a dream for many travelers. But it is possible to explore a resort trip during your holiday in Maldives on a budget. On this luxury activity you will get to enjoy the pristine beach of a resort and to snorkel in the vibrant coral house reef. You can also participate with resort entertainment facilities during your day visit. That's not all, you will also be able to enjoy a sip of beer or wine while you enjoy the beautiful horizon of Indian Ocean. Alcohol serving is prohibited in local islands by Maldives Islamic law, alcohol beverages are only available in Resorts and permitted safaris.  READ MORE

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