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Updated December, 2023

With picture perfect beaches, lush tropical surroundings, gorgeous food and luxurious villas, the Maldives is an amazing location to take fantastic photos. As a part a romantic honeymoon or family holiday is to be able to capture those special moments on camera and have them as little keepsakes of your Maldives getaway .

The Maldives are so stunning beautiful, that those powder soft sands and magical sunsets are just waiting to be captured and You won’t need to search hard for exciting photo opportunities while in the Maldives. The beautiful tropical islands offer an amazing scenes and locations where you can take great photos. Try to create shots that went beyond the typical “sea, beach & palm trees”. In this article we will show you how to level up your photo skills and where to take selfies that will leave your friends in awe and extremely envious.

1 Lighting

Hydrofoil Experiences in the maldives

Light is one of the most important elements to consider when taking photos. A great rule of thumb is to always keep the sun at your back. With front lighting, your subject will usually be evenly lit, with no shadows. Therefore the light will be behind you as the photographer. Front lighting is good for portrait photography where you want the person’s face to be fully illuminated.

Also when you are taking photos in the mornings or afternoons pay attention to where the sun is in relationship to your subject. If the sun is in front of you the water instead of being a nice shade of blue will be white from the reflections from the sun.

Good to know how the direction of the light will affect your photos. Back light is to create a silhouette photo where your subject appears as a dark outline against a bright background (sunrise or sunset). Side light is lovely for portraits because it brings out facial features, as well as creating depth and dimension within the image. Side light is great for bringing out contours, textures, shadows and depth in your subject. It also adds a wonderful air of mystery to the image, making the viewer wonder what’s hiding in the shadows.


2 Best Time

surfing in maldives

Knowing what kind of light is best for certain kinds of photos, including portraits, sunsets, silhouettes and landscapes is very important because your eyes don’t see the same thing as your camera. Taking a photo of the same scene or subject at different times of the day will produce dramatically different results, some better than others.

Shoot at midday for the best watercolor when the sun is at its zenith. The Maldives golden hours are considered a magical time of day due to the amazing color of waters and quality of the light. If you want to capture the Maldives' best watercolors then you need to shoot from noon to 3p.m.. The sunlight reflects off the white sand bottom and lights up the water with all shades of blue.

An hour after the sun rises and an hour before the sun sets is a perfect time of day for taking portrait photos as the light is very flattering on your subject. Skin tones appear warm and soft without any harsh shadows but the sun is not strong enough and at too much of an angle to light up the water as nice.

3 Find a Matching Background

undersea fine dining

When you chose the right lighting to take a selfie, place yourself in a visually interesting environment. The right background will add interest without being too busy. Yes, your face is the most important thing. But the background you choose can enhance the overall effect. As stunning as the water is, a picture of just the water doesn’t make for the same envy-generating Instagram posts as it would is there was more to the photo. Usually, the best background should either be super simple or very impressive. And look for a background that offers visual interest and also communicates where do you take a selfie. Add a palm tree, the water villa, your bathtub with a view, floating tray breakfast at private pool of your villa, beach, glass bottom kayak, seaplane in the sky add anything that screams “I’m in the authentic Maldives!”.

A good background has a decent level of contrast with the subject. Use the background as a tool to put your subject into context, but no need to push too many details into it. Being mindful of your surroundings is always a good idea and can really take your photo to the next level. If you are using a professional camera then it is almost always recommended to make the background out of focus.

4 What to Wear

beach wear

Holiday on the horizon, or just after some inspiration before you book? We have no doubt that most of the photos you will take on the beach. Let’s face it, there’s never a wrong time to browse women’s swimwear and bikini. Don’t forget the beachwear, either.

Ideally, turquoise blue is combined with blue-green, light green, aquamarine, purple, blue, white, hot pink, red, yellow, orange and brown. Now knowing the successful combination of turquoise, you will perfectly cope with the selection of a suitable shade of your beach wear to the turquoise background.

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Try to wear contrasting colors For some truly eye-catching photos add some bright colored clothing for shots with people. The further on the color spectrum they are from the blues in the water the better. You can never go wrong with red, and white isn’t bad either.

Experiment with different colors, models, textures, and activities make your images more captivating even if the goal of your selfies is to share your different outfits or hair looks. Buy Now

5 Props

Kitesurfing in maldives

We have to admit, the Maldives beaches are really gorgeous but they really lack colors. Throw in some props.

  • Many Maldives hotels have inflatable swimming pool toys, including rings, flamingo etc that're make for some epic photos in the Maldives.
  • If the sky is not in your favor, you will have very dull beach photos, unless of course, you have some colorful balloons. Try a rainbow umbrella because it serves a practical purpose too.
  • Photos, especially close-ups are drastically enhanced by jewelry. If you have some big gemstone jewelry, you should not forget to pack it for your beach holiday, you will not regret it.
  • Big hat trend may come and go, but your every beach holiday abso-freakin-lutely must have one. Not only because it saves you from the sun (when you want to,) but it also makes for the perfect prop to make your beach pics as beautiful as you.
  • The beach pictures look a lot artsier if the frame on them is not digital, and not perfectly placed.
  • Well, cocktails at the beach have never gone out of fashion.
  • For some photo shoot at the beach, using a surfboard as your prop always works out perfectly.
  • While you are busy indulging in some fun beach games, let your personal photographer capitalize on that moment and take some great photos of you living young wild and free.
  • Use a pair of reflective sunglasses. Your reflection on their colorful surface with the beach in the background will make for that special beach photo memory.
  • Drawings on the sand is one of the best beach photoshoot ideas.
  • Try to take an under the water shots, an idea that never gets old.
  • Reflections on the water in photography are always great.
  • Have your photographer capture both you and your prints on the sand.
  • If you happen to be on a vacay with your kids, bringing their favorite toys is always a great idea.
  • Sand castles are the good idea

6 Pose

Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) in maldives

Poses are a pretty important part of taking the right photo. If you are not a model or someone gifted with a natural presence and body awareness, posing is not easy and it’s often not fun. Nothing more boring than a straight body standing or lying there. The shape gives the photo visual interest and even a sense of movement. Once you know which is your good side or which angles you prefer, you can figure out what to do with your arms, hands, and posture. You can’t go wrong by taking some inspiration from supermodels.

The beauty of experimenting with selfie poses is you’ll probably find one or two you like best. As you use those poses repeatedly, they’ll feel more familiar and natural. It’s a great idea to keep things simple and to pick a pose that’s comfortable and flattering.

Make sure your face isn’t too close to the camera. The parts of your face that are closer to the camera look larger than the features on the rest of your face. That explains why it’s your nose, not your ears, that might look too big.

7 Back to The Future

Water Ski in maldives

Isn’t that what photos are for to refresh our memories? Take photos that will bring you back. Catch the true feeling of the place and the pictures will bring you right back to the moment even years later. Besides the stunning Indian ocean landscapes and out of this world watercolor, take the time to capture the details of the resort you are staying at in the Maldives. Take photos of yourselves in your favorite places of the island. Look for the little things you want to remember forever. A great way to remember your trip is to shoot candid moments of your friends and family. The most engaging vacation photos will tell the story of your trip from start to finish.

8 Great Sunset Photos


The Maldives sunsets combined with the red, orange, and yellow hues in the sky – make for quite the masterpiece every night. Beach sunset portraits are always so beautiful and romantic; they make for a unique backdrop as each sunset is a little bit different from the next. The lighting at this time is just perfect for photos, it is known as the golden hour because of the warm hues it casts. Turn off all flashes, set your camera to Manual Mode, and simply expose for the sunset.

Add more life to a sunset shot The sunsets in the Maldives are pretty epic on their own, but if you take a picture of just the sun at sunset you don’t really get a sense of where you are or where it was taken. Once everything is setup you can pose your group or subject, facing away from the sunset, and take a set of images. Vary the pose and take a few more. Next look around and see what else is available to use as a backdrop. A water bungalow, palm trees, or greenery all make for diverse images. Try to fill out your frame and include a boardwalk leading up the beach, a beach chair, or anything that puts the viewer in the Maldives. Aim to use two to three different backgrounds.

9 Drones

anantara kihavah aerial

If there is ever a place for drone photography, it’s the Maldives If you have been looking for an excuse to buy a drone, a trip to the Maldives would certainly be a reason. Drone flights are permitted in the Indian Ocean Republic up to an altitude of 121 meters (400 feet). However, you need some permissions in advance. The first approval is required by the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF). Once you have obtained approval from the MNDF, you can apply for a permit to fly to the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority (MCAA). Once you have received the two permits, you still need the consent of the property owners (especially at luxury resorts). Also You are not allowed to use a drone near airports.

The islands and the water look insane from a drone. Plus drones are getting super cheap now. Be respectful, and keep in mind the other guests won’t be as interested in your buzzing drone as you are.

10 Other Ideas

underwater photo in maldives

Capturing the excitement of a beach isn't as easy as you might think. Follow the tips below to make sure your beach photography session delivers beautiful shots:

  • Use Wide-Angle Lens for Close-Up Shots
  • Don’t add too many Instagram filters use instead polarizing filters
  • Once you have a photo idea, take some time to experiment with heights, lighting and changing backgrounds by photographing your model from different angles.
  • Trying different outfits is always a great idea
  • Make sure that your subject or model is fully in focus
  • If you are taking photos for Instagram or Facebook, it is recommended to shoot in 1:1 crop mode, or else leave enough space on the sides of the photos for cropping later.
  • Use a Tripod
  • Play With Shutter Speed
  • Try 'Sun Stars' effect
  • Smartphone Camera Settings: Careful With ISO Values
  • Underwater Photography (but make sure you have a good light and red filter for deeper shots)
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