The 10 Reasons Why We Love Diving Safari in The Maldives

10 Reasons Why Liveaboard Diving Is More Popular Than Ever

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Book Your All Inclusive Vacation and save 25% in Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts, Maldives

Updated June, 2024

The borders have opened. Liveaboards are back. Now, all you need is a reason to plan your next vacation to the Maldives. The 1200 of sun-kissed islands in the Indian ocean are a true paradise for a scuba diving holidays. But picking between resort-based or liveaboard diving can leave even the most avid scuba diver confused. But be sure, safari opens up a whole new world of aqua adventures for you what makes liveaboard diving in the Maldives an undoubted favorite of the international dive community. It offers the chance to explore remote destinations and uncrowded dive sites, the most beautiful and often endangered places in the underwater world plus enjoy the benefits of a personalised service and more dives per day.

Whether you’re a dive enthusiast, a nature lover or simply someone looking for a unique experience, here are the top ten unparalleled advantages why a liveabord is all you need to enjoy “Dive, Eat, Sleep, & Repeat” vacation. The list of reasons to try liveaboard diving in the Maldives is almost endless, so here are the 10 to whet your appetite for a real safari adventure while staying in pure comfort and luxury of the boat.

1 Safari is for every Diver


Not all dive sites in Maldives are suitable for newcomers but if you think that liveaboard diving is only for seasoned divers then you are wrong. If you’re a newly certified divers You just need to choose your liveaboard in Maldives carefully. And the good news there are safaris suitable for all level dive experience in the Maldives.

Due to strong currents and atolls' topography most of the liveaboards in the Maldives operating to the far north and south atolls ask for an advanced certification and drift dive experience (20 - 50 minimum logged dives required depending on the boat) while the Maldives central atolls has a great liveaboard itineraries for beginner divers (Open Water - No minimum logged dives required). Some safari vessels even offer to pass the Advanced Open Water Diver, wreck diving course, and Nitrox as an optional addition to the itinerary.

The crystal clear waters around Kaafu atoll have much less currents than anywhere else in the Maldives and most of the marine life can be spotted above 18 meter depth. The most liveaboards in Maldives will state the required number of logged dives needed to dive in that particular interary, and you can find this in the info section of each liveaboard itinerary, making it easy to pick your next dive safari. The liveaboard like the sister vessel of Scubaspa Ying and Scubaspa Yang, Emperor Explorer, Maldives Aggressor, Emperor Serenity these dive boats offer special tours suitable for beginners. All you need to have in your logbook is Open Water sertification.

2 Liveaboard Diving is the best way to Discover Unique and Remote Dive Sites


The Maldives is one of the best diving destinations in the world, and is home to some of the world class dive sites. Unlike resort-based diving in Maldives when you’re on a safari, you get access to the most unique and remote grounds, to hard to reach with day-trips, where your liveaboard will often be the sole visitors. These remote spots offer diving experiences not found in your luxury resort. And time to time liveaboard divers in Maldives come back home with scuba tales from the untouched and wild places only a handful of divers ever got to visit.

Due to its pristine and completely untouched, this ensures that your experience is far from a normal dive. Expect to see the mesmeric marine life, including manta rays, whale sharks and other pelagics as well rare sea creatures among unspoilt coral gardens.

3 More Dives Per Day


Everything on board is catered around diving and most liveaboards can comfortably offer three or four dives per day for several days in a row. The number of dives you complete is up to you and your dive profile and meals and snacks are served between dives. The final is the night dive, which usually takes place after sun set. For safety reasons, night dives are nearly always considerably shorter in time and shallower than the day dives which precede them. Typically, less than 20 metres maximum depth and thirty minutes is enough to satisfy those who have been in the water for most of the day. But night diving in the Maldives always offers lots to see.

The diving day has a typical schedule as follows:

  • Light breakfast followed by a briefing and dive 1
  • Full breakfast, relaxation period, briefing and Dive 2
  • Lunch, relaxation period, briefing and Dive 3
  • Snack, relaxation period
  • Dinner - if there is a night/sunset dive, the schedule will be slightly amended

4 Everything You Need - All Inclusive


The liveaboard dive cruise is hassle free holiday because it's all-inclusive. The price you pay is included: VAT, Diving Package, Drinking Water, Tea & Coffee, Beach BBQ, Full-Board Meal Plan (All meals), Snacks, Cabin Towels, Complimentary Toiletries, Deck Towels, WiFi internet.

All boats are stocked with dive gear rental available if you don’t have any to take along. Before booking check boat specifics and be sure to fill out the gear rental.

A world-class crew will attend to your needs and ensure your safety, as well as a divemaster to help guide you through your underwater adventure. All vessels are fully certified and safety checked. All you need is kick back, relax and enjoy the scuba diving.

5 Value


If You believe that a value is based on expectation in conjunction with the ultimate vacation, high-end service and satisfaction that dive safari is right choice. With hotel comfort and fantastic diving at your doorstep all trips are very well organised and difficult to argue with the price. 3-4 dives per day taking in the best sites in the Maldives, comfy cabin, a great food, plus an other activities. The prices of liveaboards range enormously as you might imagine but it’s just like looking at luxury holiday, but with more specialized stuff. Moreover your airport transfers, food and select beverages, and accommodation are all part of the package and prices are well below those of an private island holidays.

Diving liveaboards are usually on the more luxurious end of boat travel. Like a hotels, diving liveaboards do vary in price and style with many costing the same as a similar hotel room. You can choose anything from a simple boat to some luxurious yacht with on-board Jacuzzis, spa massage and cinema. Whatever your budget is, chances are you will get a better deal on your vacation for fun dive safari.

6 Skills to Learn


As a dive base, liveaboard is ideal to constantly hone your scuba basics and improve your diving game to ensure safer and more enjoyable dives. Liveaboards are a great place for the next scuba step, to enhance your skills at new things like underwater photography, nitrox diving and much more. Whether you’re an open water novice or experieced your progress shouldn’t stop there. Because you’re on the water for an extended period of time, you’ll have the chance to learn the ropes from professionals as well as fellow divers. Discover new passions and do not hesitate to ask questions!

If you’re trying to get to the next step of scuba certification, a liveaboard is a great option because many boats offer PADI / SSI courses. On liveaboard trips, you have access to the best diving resources right at your fingertips. If this is what you’re interested in, be sure the boat you select offers a training program before booking.

7 Meet like-minded people


One of the more fun aspects of any dive holiday is about the people you meet along the way and the friends you make. Dive safaris offer an unique experience, where you will eat, sleep and enjoy marine life with new, friendly faces from different parts of the globe, all sharing in the same exciting adventure.

Whether you go with your friend or with a new group of dive buddies, you will sure have plenty to chat about with people with similar interests a passion for diving. You’ll never be short of interesting people, and interesting dive stories too. Create dive friendships that last forever.

8 Liveaboard is the Most Romantic Dive Experience


What's better way to celebrate than by sharing some ocean love with your loved one? Nothing says romance quite like a liveaboard diving holiday in the Maldives. This honeymoon destination is synonymous with luxury and offers a variety of experiences, each with their own highlights. You’ll live your days by the rising and setting of the sun, experiencing one memorable dive after another where the only company you’ll keep is with curious fish, turtles, mantas and whale sharks.

Living on a boat is an experience in itself, especially when it’s a top-notch vessel with a great crew. There’s also something special about the sea breeze and wide open ocean, getting rocked to sleep by the ocean’s waves and waking up to the smell of salt water, that make you feel alive. And, if your idea of nightlife is starry sky, peace, and a little bit of wine as the world floats by doesn’t get much more connected to nature than that. Make your next dive holiday one to remember for you and your special someone with the romance of quiet beaches, far-off isles and unforgettable reefs. The Maldives with 1,192 coral islands, most inhabited only by birds and crabs makes it easy to play castaway.

9 You Maximize Vacation Time


The liveaboard diving allows you to maximise dive time as most of the travels between dives sites happen while you relax, eat or sleep. By the time you are ready to dive again, you are already at your next dive site. Waking up over a new dive spot is the ideal start to a new day, being able to dive in this new location seals the appeal of the liveaboard lifestyle! This means that no time is wasted on your holiday travelling to and from dive sites or back to you departure point.

10 Fun Activities for non-divers


In addition to daily multi-diving, the liveaboard itinerary also includes topside and an activities for non-divers. It’s no secret that divers and honeymooners make up the majority of visitors to the Maldives and boat vacation offer a tempting sense of adventure. Many liveaboards offer the chance for you to visit a large variety of untouched beauty spots that you wouldn’t normally be able to access staying at a resort.

If you’re boat-based and need a break from the water, considering taking an excursion to a nearby uninhabited island with the BBQ dinner is served on the beach. or board a fishing boat and try your luck at catching your dinner. Grab your camera and capture the rich Maldivian culture, discover the local cuisines, tradition and experience warm hospitality.

When you’re not diving, you can kick back and relax on sun decks or take advantage of other activities on offer. The most common activities for the non-divers include canoeing, snorkeling, dolphin watching, and shark feeding.

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