Why Milaidhoo Island is one of the Maldives' Hidden Gems

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Milaidhoo Island Maldives

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Book Your All Inclusive Vacation and save 25% in Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts, Maldives

Updated July, 2022

Hide away in the Baa Atoll UNESCO biosphere reserve is Milaidhoo Maldives, a mash-up of boutique resort and a paradise island, where the reinvented luxury blends perfectly with white-sand beaches. Upon arrival you'll quickly transition to "island time," finding that time has stopped, barefoot is as norm, and things need to be done differently.

As an adult-only resort with peace and privacy vibe, one visit here is enough that you'll feel like you uncovered one of the Maldives' hidden gems. A tiny tropical getaway, an emerald drop of paradise wrapped in soft white sands, surrounded by a vibrant coral reef, lapped by warm turquoise waters Milaidhoo is that island. Features 50 contemporary Maldivian style pool villas, every guest is assigned an Island Host to help create meaningful experiences and cater to their every need. Designed for couples, Milaidhoo is known for its romance and destination dining offerings – any dream can become a reality, from sunset dolphin cruises to sailing to a deserted sandbank for an exclusive beach picnic.

So with that in mind, let's check out a few reasons to visit the Milaidhoo island that many travelers touts as “The best tropical escape in the Maldives.”

1 UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Pampering Yourself at luxury Spa

Milaidhoo Island is in an unparalleled setting at the threshold of the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Marine Sanctuary. A coral reef, which completely encircles Milaidhoo, is a protected area making it an outstanding snorkelling and diving site.

Any spot on the world’s map that is titled UNESCO Biosphere Reserve implies that there must be something unique about that particular spot. It also means there is something that’s worth preserving and protecting with extra care. But what is really unique to Baa Atoll, is Hanifaru Bay, which supports the world’s largest, natural Manta Ray feeding station.

2 Reinvented luxury

paradise beach

If you ask any traveller what they imagine in a Maldives vacation, they’ll tell you about tiny palm-fringed islands, a coral reef and wooden, thatched-roof villas on stilts over a turquoise lagoon. If you know and love the Maldives, you’ll remember when all villas had thatched roofs; and 'no news - no shoes ' times.

The opening of the boutique-resort of Milaidhoo Island Maldives on November 2017 marked the born of a new trend in travel for the Maldives, called ‘reinvented luxury’. This means the simple life on a small island where guests can become part of nature, going barefoot and exploring the beauty of the country in style. It’s that unique combination of authenticity delivered in a modern way that defines reinvented luxury.

It is a place where our guests feel like they belong; offering truly personalised service; sharing the heritage and culture of the Maldives and keeping Maldivian architectural and lifestyle traditions but bringing them into the 21st century in a contemporary, luxurious way.

3 Space and Nature

bathroom with ocean view

Social distancing made easy, as the number of tourists is limited on the islands, there is more space so maintaining social distancing is easy. The villas at Milaidhoo are remarkable in providing beautiful outdoor and generous indoor living space. All villas have private pools and direct access to the beach or ocean.

Spacious outdoor living, where the comfort of inside the villa extends to the beautiful lush surroundings of the outside, is a unique experience at Milaidhoo. The villas can open up 180 degrees to a spacious villa deck with private pool, allowing the fresh air and beauty of nature to become part of the villa experience. The concept of Milaidhoo embraces nature and space, creating an idyllic tropical isle for guests to feel at ease within nature and to let time pass without worries.

4 The first and only

overwater restaurant in maldives

Milaidhoo is upholding and celebrating Maldivian culinary heritage by being home to the first and only fine dining restaurant in the world serving exclusively Maldivian cuisine. Meals are inspired by the spices, other ingredients and traditions from neighbouring countries. Milaidhoo Island appreciates the culinary creations of its chefs by pairing them with the great iconic wines and champagnes source from the best wineries from all over the world.

The resort is serious about food, focusing on authentic, light food with clean flavours. A dedicated chef will take care of your culinary adventures and preferences. The island's three restaurants and two bars are designed to appeal to your senses, offering outstanding dining in wonderfully informal settings. Dine on the beach, on a sandbank, on a luxury yacht while cruising the atoll, in the privacy of your villa or wherever you wish at Milaidhoo. No shoes required. Ever.

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5 Meaningful Experiences

coral reef

The seascape of the Maldives is naturally beautiful and creates the perfect backdrop for all the romantic and memorable moments couples dream of.

At Milaidhoo, there are plenty of meaningful experiences created in what seems to be an effortless and genuine approach by the members of the Milaidhoo family, at the beach, underwater, on board a traditional sailing boat or on a neighbouring sandbank.

6 Unlike any other

romantic moments

Be sure, the Maldives is the best destination in the world for your honeymoonб and such hotels like Milaidhoo specialise in welcoming couples on holiday by creating a memorable and unique experience. The environment and surroundings are welcoming, calm and intimate.

Milaidhoo is not for children below the age of nine and does not hold events that would clash with the natural serenity of the island or disturb guests. Simply unwind, soak up the romantic ambience of a small island and relax.

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7 Stay safe

chick beach house

While borders are opening slowly and travel restrictions are being removed, the Maldives has set up precautions to protect and welcome tourists. Many resorts restrict the number of guests allowed in order to ensure the safety and health of all guests.

Boutique resorts like Milaidhoo Island Maldives have implemented rigorous hygiene measures to make guests feel safe while being assured of a good holiday. You can have a look at Milaidhoo’s Travel Guide FAQ, which outlines all implemented measures and regulations here.

8 More honeymoon benefits

love time

For decades the Maldives has been known as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. Many resorts cater specifically for honeymooners with special offers and complimentary extras. In addition, the beauty of the Maldives creates a romantic setting for memorable experiences.

Milaidhoo has enhanced the benefits for honeymooners who book their stay in 2020 and has removed the six-month post wedding honeymoon benefit eligibility until December 2021.

9 Famous but still off the beaten path

dolphins' games

Even though Baa Atoll has received a lot of attention for its unique nature and for hosting the annual plankton festival that attracts all those Manta Rays, there are other beautiful dive and snorkel spots outside as well as Hanifaru Bay, where you can also find Manta rays and the occasional Whale shark – far away from everyone else.

Milaidhoo encourages its guests to join excursions to unique and untouched dive spots around the resort that can be reached easily by boat. If you choose to select a private excursion, your guide will help you to create your personal itinerary to make sure you get to see the best of Baa Atoll.

10 You can witness a miracle of nature

hanifaru bay

Thanks to the right strategic location and proximity to Hanifaru Bay, the world’s largest known Manta Ray feeding station, you have the chance to be right there and witness the feeding frenzy. Milaidhoo Island Maldives is only a short boat ride away from the Manta hot spot and takes guests on regular excursions to snorkel with Manta Rays during season.

You will simply float on the surface while possibly hundreds of Manta Rays circle up and down, feeding on the plentiful plankton. This is a truly unique, once- in-a-lifetime experience. Those gentle giants of the ocean come so close, you feel like you can touch them – which you won’t do of course (remember this is a protected area).

Cross it off your bucket list and explore the best the Maldives has to offer: You can start the day with reef snorkelling on a guided tour “Finding Nemo” and choose to join a dolphin cruise or a sunset fishing trip. Culinary experiences are plentiful, start with the romantic dinner for two at the beach under the star-filled sky.


Milaidhoo Island Maldives

Milaidhoo Island Maldives

Best Experience:   honeymoon, beach, diving, swimming with mantas

Intimate and stylish, at Milaidhoo it’s about enjoying the natural environment in understated luxury. Tucked in the heart of a UNESCO biosphere reserve, surrounded by powdery white sands and nestled beside a colourful coral reef, Milaidhoo Maldives is a luxurious natural wonder. Envisage upscale delights with a ‘Reinvented Luxury’ twist, where guests will experience an indulgent escape in the Maldives’s most unique getaway. Committed to offering a unique and authentic Maldivian experience, this new child in the best Baa Atoll hotels collection that making waves with its refreshing contemporary twist on classic Maldivian style. Created for couples and romance only, Milaidhoo welcomes children above the age of 9 years only. What's more, it is only 30 minutes by seaplane from Male or a 15 minute domestic flight followed by a short speedboat ride.

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