10 Reasons to Stay at Niyama Private Islands Maldives

10 Things to Love about Niyama Private Islands Maldives

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Updated December, 2023

Proclaiming itself "Nature's playground", Niyama Private Islands Maldives offers a chilled-out take on tropical-island luxury, teaming top-class dining, seductive beach bars (including a submerged party pad) and city-smart boutiques with a laid-back, kick-your-shoes-off vibe. Its two islands Chill and Play, one with a family focus and the other dedicated to couples are a tropical paradise with lush vegetation, ivory white beaches, crystal clear waters and endless views out over the Indian Ocean.

The resort is a mix of modern and traditional Maldivian design and facilities, with a distinctive edgy feel, where guests are wonderfully looked after, choosing between total privacy and an extraordinary range of activities. If the endless ocean's vistas don't take your breath away, the speedboating, scuba diving and sports simulation rooms will.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 things why the guests love about Niyama.

1 Chill and Play Islands

Chill and Play Islands

Niyama’s island names – ‘Chill’ and ‘Play’ – set the tone for the resort: innovative, fresh, relaxed and upmarket. Mother Nature was having one fine day when she painted these two islands in South Dhaalu Atoll. With large beaches (unaffected by erosion and sand movements!), lush vegetation showing signs of very old trees, and wide sun-speckled pathways softly canopied by greenery, the island is as relaxing as it is luxurious. The two concept islands connected by a bridge and while biking between them, you see that both concepts merge seamlessly to adapt to your mood. Discover your island niche and settle in, or jump back and forth between high-energy indulgences and cool serenity.

At Play: Frolic in the treetops. Rush into the infinite horizon. Kick things up a notch in villas set on white sands and tailored to adventurous honeymooners, active couples and style-savvy families.

At Chill: Revel in a peaceful moment within the cocoon of Drift Spa. Explore culinary heaven offshore. Soothe your soul to the slow rhythms in over water villas. Lounge against the flowing oceanscape in an underwater playground.

2 Secluded Villas

Secluded Villas

Whether you choose between beach or "over-water" living, the accommodation at Niyama is the epitome of luxurious lagoon living. Surrounded by crystal clear water, pristine beach or lush vegetation, all super private villas and pavilions (excluding some of the beach studios) have their own private pool, are exceptionally spacious and come with fabulous amenities and a private butler. Tropical outdoor bathrooms are the same size as the bedrooms, with outdoor rain showers and huge ceramic bathtubs to bathe under the stars. With features including outdoor rain showers, in-room delis and complimentary ice cream, it's hard to leave your suite.

Each room is outfitted with a king bed, Deli-In with full-size refrigerator overflowing with gourmet treats, in-room entertainment system with LED TV, Bose surround sound and a range of international movies, as well as Thakuru (butler) service – for the ultimate luxury. Stepping out to the deck, you can choose to lounge on the Dhoni-shaped swing bed, catch some rays on the sun loungers, cool off in your private pool, or walk a few feet and step into the lagoon. Honestly, why would you need to go elsewhere?

3 Your Own Popcorn Maker

Your Own Popcorn Maker

You'll love finding fun twists in villas and it is one of them. Each villa is equipped with a popcorn maker, which is part of a bigger in-villa deli experience here at Niyama. A refrigerator (no tiny minibars here!) is fully stocked with treats and your butler refills a daily dose of homemade vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Are you in the mood for an Affogato? The espresso machine is right there, along with wine glasses, cocktail shakers, and chocolate bars. Yes, I religiously ate the ice cream every day.

4 Breakfast with a View

Breakfast with a View in maldives

Living up to its tagline of 'Nature's Playground', Niyama has a myriad of fun and innovative dining experiences. This island is a dining fantasy, and each spot feels like you are being transported somewhere different. Epicure resturant starts with a vast breakfasts are always serve with a side of picturesque views on Chill. Flaky pastries, green juice and berry tonics, gluten-free banana bread, omelettes with fine cheeses; every morning is an affair. The offerings also include plenty of fruit like papaya, rose apple and dragon fruit, as well as a waffle station, a super food station with flax and spirulina, plus traditional Maldivian dishes, like coconut sambol, dhal curry and rihaakuru (thick fish paste).

Sitting outside under the shade of an umbrella, marvelling at how the blues of the pool and lagoon go perfectly with the yellow seating, one of the friendly servers can easily compel you to try a second cappuccino. Because, why not?

5 Smart Key

Smart Key

Sometimes, it is the little things that make the list. Niyama uses waterproof bands as keys and this's a lifesaver! As someone who usually needs to call the butler more than once after losing a key card or locking myself out, you'll be glad to have one of these that you can casually wear on your wrist.

The hassle of collecting the key whenever you leave the room, or wondering where you last kept it, is completely gone and You can simply put these on, go for a swim, and come back to unlock your villa

6 Teppanyaki Art

Teppanyaki Art

Located in the middle of Play, the Nest is a real one-of-a-kind in the Maldives – a modern, multi-level treehouse in the heart of the jungle, with private pods suspended six metres from the ground and domed pavilions hidden amongst the trees, where you can enjoy a one of a kind gourmet experience from Thai to Teppanyaki in a breathtaking banyan treetop setting.

If you are here for a good lunch, expect an amazing side of entertainment as well. For a theatrical meal, the teppanyaki table is the most desired in the house. The chef is lively, happy to interact, suggesting sakes to pair, and is always ready to share a new trick, whether it is shaping fried rice or egg and fire tricks. Seated together with other guests at the grill station, it is a communal experience all the way.Taste the world’s most expensive coffee, Black Ivory. Experience the sweet finale of Nest’s signature dessert: Luwak Coffee Brûlée, rich cream custard infused with a secret recipe featuring Kopi Luwak essence and accompanied by roasted banana ice cream.

7 A Slice of Tribal Culture

A Slice of Tribal Culture

Paradise for carnivores, Tribal creates a luxury campfire dining experience with outdoor hot-rock grills, live cooking, dining pods for two set directly by the beach and South American, Asian and African flavours. Offering modern Afro Latin grilled food with a stylish and modern campsite atmosphere, Tribal is one of Niyama's most innovative outlets. A Maasai warrior welcomes you with a Dawa, East Africa’s to-lust-for cocktail, drenching your taste buds with honey and lime. With sand floors and tiki torches, the inspiration is very much a blend of Maldivian combined with a more global feel. Tastes from South America to Africa to Asia cooked in the outdoor kitchen, entrees seared over open flames, tribal gatherings — this very much offers a dash of adventure and a pinch of fun.

Designed to create the feeling of being inside a tribal village, seating is set within the jungle in private decks, and rhythmic music of drums accompany dinner. Within a few minutes, you are enthralled in the menu, the medicinal tonics, and the coffees that are being brought to you. It truly feels like you have stepped away from the island.

8 Whisked by Boat

Whisked by Boat

Being on some islands for a week or so can bring a feeling of repetitiveness but Not here at Niyama. Accessible only by boat, The Edge is an exclusive over water restaurant and Lounge. With a crystal waters all around enjoy the daily catch paired with fine wines in a sophisticated al fresco atmosphere. Sipping a cocktail at the lounge and watching the sunset is a must do before you pop into the restaurant for dinner. Panoramic views and tastes to savour, single this concept out as a unique fine dining experience.

9 Champagne Breakfast at Six Meters Below Ocean

Champagne Breakfast at Six Meters Below Ocean

500 metres off shore and 6 metres below the surface, the Subsix is only reachable by boat. Italian abstract chandeliers illuminate the descent like shining coral. In the depths, hide away in the swooping curves of the clam-inspired bar, tucked into the soft anemone chairs beneath the soft waves of capiz shells draped from the ceiling. Watch the fish as you enjoy a champagne breakfasts, some private dining, a movie, subaquatic lunches, gourmet dinners and glow parties or a special kid's treat. Highlighting fresh local seafood and innovative Maldivian twists combined with modern techniques, it is a sure treat for your palate.

10 Intuitive Service by the Takuru Team

Intuitive Service by the Takuru Team

But by far and away the best bit about Niyama's holiday is the amazing staff that make the resort a very special! Whether you need a buggy ride, a recommendation on what to order or where to eat, to be shown around the island, give you a tour of the different villa categories, take an Instagram-worthy photo, your Thakuru will be around. They are effortlessly charming, good-humoured, and take attention to detail to another level.

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Niyama Private Islands Maldives

Niyama Private Islands Maldives

Best Experience: Watersports, Two Pristine Islands perfect for Family & Couples, Luxury Surfing, Underwater night club

Developed by Per Aquum (Huvafenfushi) and co-owned by Anantara, Niyama Maldives is a resort with a rich ancestry. Proclaiming itself "Nature's playground", Niyama Private Islands Maldives takes barefoot luxury to an exotic new level. Its two islands Chill and Play, one with a family focus and the other dedicated to couples are a tropical paradise with lush vegetation, ivory white beaches, crystal clear waters and endless views out over the Indian Ocean. The resort is a mix of modern and traditional Maldivian design and facilities, with a distinctive edgy feel, where guests are wonderfully looked after, choosing between total privacy and an extraordinary range of activities.  Read Full Review

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